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September 23, 2015 09:00 ET

Resonate Expands Unique Big Data Solutions to Deliver Richer Audience Insights in Auto, Financial, Travel, and Media Sectors

RESTON, VA--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2015) - Resonate -- the data and technology company -- today announced a 50% expansion of its flagship platform, which now contains even more valuable attributes for audience insights, planning and targeting. The Resonate Analytics platform now offers more than 7,000 unique consumer attributes which enable communications experts to understand not just what people do or buy, but why they do. Plus, Resonate allows brands to effectively engage with audiences much earlier in the purchase funnel journey than any other big data solution on the market.

Resonate's platform has always provided rich industry-specific insights that can be combined with unique interests, values, and motivations as well as demographic and behavioral data to complete the marketers' view of their consumers. Today, the company announces new deeper insights into brand usage and purchase drivers in

  • Autos
  • Financial services (credit cards, insurance, investments and retail banks)
  • Travel (hotels, restaurants, airlines, and car rentals)
  • Media (broadcast, SVOD, and OTT), and
  • Politics (voting intentions, engagement, and issue positions)

Analysts and program managers can segment audiences granularly, discover new microsegments, design more relevant creative, and create more effective media plans. With the expanded platform's capabilities, marketers can:

  • Plan campaigns "in reverse," by building consumer profiles based on their unique traits rather than broad stereotypes.
  • Accurately target consumers even before they exhibit direct purchase intent behaviors.
  • Segment audiences who exhibit similar behaviors by deeper differences in intent, values and motivations.

"Digital marketing has focused at the bottom of the consumer purchase funnel for too long. Blinded by limited data, advertisers frequently get stuck in a high bidding frenzy for the best lower-funnel indicators, placing ROI at the mercy of the most reckless bidder," said Pat LaPointe, Executive Vice President at Resonate. "Our expanded platform further provides marketers with vital clues into buying signals based on consumers' real motivations and values, to enable them to engage much earlier in the decision-making process. This creates a significant edge over competition, drives more profitable campaign performance, and builds long term brand loyalty."

The new data is already "live" and being used to plan and execute smarter campaigns for leading brands, politicians, and advocacy groups.

About Resonate
Resonate is the only analytics and media company to empower brand, political and cause marketers to understand and engage with audiences based on WHY people behave the way they do. We deliver the data, tools, and insights that drive ROI through greater relevance to the individual consumer.

Resonate consumer insights go far beyond simple demographics and behaviors to encompass important but often hidden values such as patriotism, environmentalism, taste for luxury, appreciation for innovation and thousands more human decision drivers. Our industry leading data science connects your customer or voter data with our analytics and targeting platform to deliver relevant insights at scale.

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