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August 02, 2011 10:00 ET

Resonate Networks Announces: Brands Can Now Optimize Campaigns Based on Consumer Values

Brand Values Optimization Enables Advertisers to Optimize Their Campaigns Based on the Values of the Audience They Want to Reach

RESTON, VA--(Marketwire - Aug 2, 2011) - Resonate Networks, which connects advertisers with audiences based on values, has introduced an entirely new way to optimize campaigns.

Resonate's Brand Values Optimization gives brands the ability to understand why their campaigns work, or don't. Resonate lets them look beyond their message, the site or the level of media investment, to the consumer values, attitudes and sentiments that drive brand lift, brand awareness and brand preference.

Unlike other optimization technologies, Resonate provides brands a unique view into the underlying values of their audiences and thus unique intelligence about what drives campaign performance. This knowledge elevates the optimization process to a new level as advertisers identify the best performing audience based on that audience's values. Their subsequent messaging and media decisions are driven by a deeper understanding of their audience, not just online behavior.

"Until now, marketers have only been able to see part of the picture in campaign optimization," said Bryan Gernert, CEO, Resonate Networks. "Now we give them the whole picture -- including why a campaign is, or is not, performing. Advertisers need knowledge that is actionable, so we also offer the ability to act on that intelligence long before a campaign ends. This enables brands to continually improve their campaign's performance and gain deeper knowledge to inform choices for future campaigns."

How It Works

First, in-banner surveys measure brand metrics such as awareness and recall -- the shift in values that result from an effective campaign. With that information, Resonate analyzes campaign audiences to uncover changes in the attitudes and sentiment that contribute to shifts in brand lift, preference and ad recall. Resonate then identifies the underlying values that are driving these shifts, such as feeling strongly about protecting family, improving image or caring for the environment.

With this insight into which values drive awareness, message association, favorability and/or purchase intent, brands have several ways to optimize their campaign as it is running. For example:

  • Message optimization -- by understanding which values or purchase drivers increase brand lift, brands can tailor or implement new messaging to emphasize those shared values
  • Audience optimization -- much more than demographic or behavioral targeting, advertisers can find additional audiences whose values are similar to those that responded well to the ads

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