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June 08, 2012 08:00 ET

Resonate Social Announces World's First and Only Dashboard That Tracks "True ROI" of Social Media -- SocialSee Sets Out to Change Social Media

Social Dashboard That Measures Return on Investment From Social Media, in Real-Time, Will Change the Way Brands Engage in Social Media

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 8, 2012) - Today, Resonate Social announced the release of SocialSee, the world's first and only dashboard that tracks the return on investment from a brand's social media efforts. SocialSee incorporates a publishing platform, engagement, and measurement of social media activities as well as clickstream tracking that tracks the clicks from social media to the sales that come from a brand's online communities.

"The #1 online activity is social media. And, the biggest debate in social media is: 'Can it produce ROI -- and how do we measure it?'" says Eric Harr, SocialSee's co-creator.

"SocialSee focuses on one thing: return on investment from social media. Period. It doesn't do 'sentiment.' It doesn't do 'conversation clouds.' It measures ROI and show companies where their return is coming from. That's it. One thing. We think ROI is pretty important to businesses."

"Our main point of difference is our focus," says Nolan Lowry, CEO of Resonate Social, makers of SocialSee. "Every other social dashboard shows 'conversations.' We show 'conversions.' Conversations are shiny objects. We drew a line in the sand. We decided social media ROI was the most important consideration for businesses, so we focused 100% on that in building SocialSee."

"Our main focus from a UI standpoint is usability," said Mark Kithcart, SocialSee's Chief Marketing Officer. "Most social dashboards are mind-numbingly painful to understand. SocialSee tool is incredibly easy to use. It's not self-explanatory. It's self-evident. Users are up and running in minutes, and their dashboard is populating mission-critical information within hours. From then on, users simply publish content, watch the numbers and shift their strategy based on the data. That's it. Seamless and sublime."

SocialSee is designed with all aspects of a company's social media team in mind. The tool empowers the community manager with a powerful publishing and engagement platform, which allows them to speak on behalf of the brand and engage with relevant influencers. SocialSee also provides measurement and ROI tracking for strategists and executives alike to understand the effect that social media is having on their bottom line.

SocialSee also makes recommendations based on the data. The agency credited with building SocialSee is Resonate Social. The team has aggregated thousands of hours of experience into "SocialSee Insights": easy-to-implement tips. For example, if SocialSee determines that a social platform, say Twitter, loses 2.5% of its followers, SocialSee alerts the user: "You've lost 2.5% of your audience. We suggest you Tweet 2-4 times a day and focus on how you can help people, not on what you can sell people." That information is proprietary and unique to SocialSee, because it comes from the unique experience of the experts at Resonate Social.

How it Works

1. A user signs up in two minutes.

2. Their "dashboard" -- which shows real-time ROI in one place -- is presented to them. And, it's easily configurable via drag-and-drop widgets.

3. Within minutes, they can post to their social platforms and start measuring ROI in real-time. For example, if someone clicks a link in a Tweet and buys a product, SocialSee tracks that. If a customer service event occurs on Facebook, SocialSee measures the impact of that. If a LinkedIn post reaches a wide audience, SocialSee tracks impressions and calculates value based on that company's industry-standard CPM.

4. Companies can immediately gather insights into what is producing ROI and what's not -- and shift strategy based on that critical intelligence.

SocialSee also makes reporting effortless. Until now, to justify the return on investment from social media, consultants, agencies and social media managers have had to cobble together reports that take hours and often make management's eyes glaze over. After all, what do Twitter followers, Facebook likes and "sentiment scores" even mean to the bottom line?

"The problem with pulling together reports by hand and keeping spreadsheets to track social media metrics is that they must be made and executives can't see the most up-to-date information when they want it. Now, everyone can find what they want when they want it, without having to wait for someone to put together and send them a spreadsheet," says Kierston Kamps, Resonate Social's social analyst.

"Mark my words: SocialSee will change how businesses use social media forever," said Harr.

For more information, and to receive a 30-day free trial, visit the SocialSee website and engage on Twitter (@socialsee).


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