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Resort Management Assistance

April 23, 2013 20:20 ET

Resort Management Assistance Pioneers Service for Troubled Timeshare Owners

TORRANCE, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2013) -  Resort Management Assistance based out of Torrance CA, offers a groundbreaking program to eliminate timeshare maintenance fees and any other financial obligations attached to timeshare ownership. The company and its affiliates were founded by timeshare owners who haven't paid a maintenance fee in ten years. The owners of RMA have streamlined a process to assist timeshare owners in a variety of situations with their resorts.

Timeshare owners have been pleading for a consumer advocacy group like Resort Management Assistance ever since the average timeshare maintenance fee rate rose above the average vacation lodging rate. The decline of the timeshare industry and the crash in the economy has resulted in resorts having to generate their income in other ways aside from selling new timeshares. Because of this, timeshare resorts have been raising maintenance for timeshare owners at an average rate of 12% per year. Resort Management Assistance provides a viable, trustworthy solution to eliminate unwanted and unfair timeshare maintenance fees and allows timeshare owners to vacation without the financial obligations of owning a timeshare.

When timeshares are sold to consumers, often times the sales representatives will pitch the timeshare as an investment that can be sold in the future for a profit. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. In many circumstances, up to half of the value of timeshares is lost as soon as it is initially sold. This, coupled with the lack of a resale market has led the timeshare industry to a situation where timeshares can be purchased for as little as one cent on listing websites. Many timeshare owners have been scammed and taken advantage of by companies that claim they can re-sell the timeshare for an upfront listing fee. Owners who have tried to sell their timeshares by this route often do not usually find the result they are looking for. Months and sometimes even years later, they still own the timeshare and are liable for maintenance fee obligations.

The team at Resort Management Assistance speaks with timeshare owners on a daily basis who are distressed about their timeshares. The amount of misinformation in the timeshare industry leads to owners continuing the pay unnecessary maintenance fees, and them being scammed by unscrupulous re-sale companies. Resort Management Assistance will continue to go to battle for distressed timeshare owners and fight to reveal the truth regarding timeshare owner's rights and options.

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