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Resort Savers, Inc.

February 03, 2015 08:30 ET

Resort Savers, Inc. Announces $2 Million Investment to Acquire Worx America, Inc. Interest

The Letter-of-Intent Equity Investment Will Secure 20% Interest in World-Wide Operations and All China Marketing, Sales and Installation Rights

SHENZHEN, CHINA--(Marketwired - Feb 3, 2015) - Resort Savers, Inc. (OTCQB: RSSV), an energy services and technology licensing, marketing and distribution firm in China, is proud to announce a $2 Million USD Letter-of-Intent signed for the equity investment in Worx America, Inc. RSSV will own 20% of Worx world-wide operations and exclusive China marketing and installation rights for Worx's proprietary technologies, engineering and petroleum industry robotics. Both companies are actively working together in China with customer sales and installations in anticipation of the signing, closing and funding of this equity transaction.

Worx America is a Houston, Texas based innovative environmental energy engineering company known for their expert diagnostic abilities and a diversified line of patent products. It is in the business of designing, developing and implementing proprietary automated technologies for oil tank, reservoir, lagoon and on location field cleaning systems and drilling, off-shore and subsea production technology services.

Mike Zilai, President of Worx America, said, "Our Worx patented systems are mobile, energy independent, flexible and adaptable to local conditions for all major industries, including the petroleum industry and metallurgical industries. Our company is known for our ability to bring solutions and implement recommendations in a timely, cost effective and customer-profitable manner that is unmatched in the industries we serve."


Zilai continued, "Worx is globally focused and not market constrained, targeting the world's major petroleum operations markets for their innovative oil storage cleaning systems, including Saudi Arabia, Russia, Nigeria, Oman, Russia, South Korea and China. The company has top management, owns a growing line of proprietary market-specific systems and is well-positioned as a high margin, competitive company."

China is the world's largest net importer of crude oil and is steadily increasing and expanding oil and refining capacity to meet the strong demand for all crude oil types. In the next five years China's energy supply systems will continue to be under safety and environmental pressures. So refining capacity through cleaning and maintenance and increased availability of petroleum products are the main thrust of China's petroleum policies and goal to becoming the refining powerhouse for Asia. At the end of 2013, China's refining capacity was at 12.8 million barrels a day, which was nearly a million barrel increase over 2012.


Zhou Gui Bin, President of RSSV, said, "RSSV's goal is to rapidly gain market share in China's under-served oil tank cleaning and sludge processing industries through Worx technologies and on-ground training and installation. Senior management of Worx has been working in the field at RSSV's China operations and has developed a training program for our top engineers to go to Houston for further training and on-site systems installation and operations."

Zhou Gui Bin went on to say, "China's petroleum industry has aging systems in operation that are not operating at full capacity. With the Worx technologies we will be able to keep operations going, meet local and national environmental goals and regulations, lower labor costs and lower pay off time for bringing equipment back on line and up to full operating capacity.


"Worx's automated robotic systems quickly clean and recover usable oil from oil container waste sludge, resulting in increased sales and decreased tank cleaning time. These technologies reduce tank cleaning time by over 70% and can recover 50% clean oil from waste sludge. This technology not only saves our client's money, but makes them money."

RSSV's marketing is focused on China's largest crude oil refinery operations. These include Zhenhai, Dalian, Shanghai, Maoming, Guangzhou, Jilin, Tianjin, Fujian, Huizhou, Lanzhou, Dushanzi, Yanshan, Qilu, Qingdau, Guangxi, Dallan and Yangxzi. These major markets are all working with aging facilities that need to be kept on line while the government and industry work to replace them with new low-carbon processing capabilities.

Mike Zilai, President of Worx America, said, "The problem for China and the opportunity for RSSV is that China's refining capacity was below 75% in 2013, down from 82% in 2010. Every time a refining project is delayed, canceled or put on hold is lost profits for that company. This is happening to CNPC and Sinopec state-owned projects in Kunming, Jieyang and Huabei which in turn have to increase their refining operations to off-set losses. I have been working in China and know first hand that this has opened up enormous RSSV sales and marketing opportunities to sell our Worx technologies into."


Zilai went on to say, "Environmental concerns have prompted the Chinese government to adopt stricter petroleum product standards and specifications to lower sulfur emissions. They are achieving this through requiring refineries to implement Euro equivalent standards, which requires significant upgrades and infrastructure investments to meet these emission standards. The country's majority of refineries are small, independents, which are facing costly challenges to meet the standards to avoid Ministry of Environment restrictions and bans. Through Worx technologies, these companies will be able to not only increase capacity but recapture lost profits."

The drop in oil prices only increases the Worx-RSSV market opportunities. Zilal said, "The need for petroleum companies to keep full production capacity going and recapture lost profits only increases as oil prices drop. It lifts demand and need for Worx Systems and Technologies and in turn should enormously lift RSSV profits in China."

Zhou Gui Bin, President of RSSV, said, "RSSV is committed to forming strategic partnerships and licensing key technologies for their extensive building customer base. They are rapidly developing the technical support training, and systems documentation and implementation cost-savings programs designed by Worx that keep their customers operating at full capacity."

Mike Zilai, President of Worx America, said, "Worx is extremely excited to be partnered with RSSV and are ready to enter the China market full force. I have been working with RSSV on ground in China since 2013. China is the world's largest oil market. There is a great opportunity and need for Worx products. RSSV will not only have the exclusive rights to the Greater China market, but will be our equity partners as we expand our operations world-wide."

Zilai concluded, "Worx is currently negotiating major contracts with leading oil and gas companies across the world. Our partnership with RSSV now gives us direct access to China's booming oil market and the chance to become an industry leader. With our partnership with RSSV, Worx and RSSV plan on making 2015 our best year yet."

About Resort Savers, Inc.

Resort Savers, Inc. acquires innovative and market-ready petroleum industry technologies for installation and distribution throughout the Greater China market. It has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire a 20% stake in Worx America, Inc. RSSV is marketing Worx technologies to China's largest crude oil refinery operations in Zhenhai, Dalian, Shanghai, Maoming, Guangzhou, Jilin, Tianjin, Fujian, Huizhou, Lanzhou, Dushanzi, Yanshan, Qilu, Qingdau, Guangxi, Dallan and Yangxzi. These major markets are all working with aging facilities that need to be kept on line while the government and industry work to replace them with new low carbon processing capabilities.

About Worx America, Inc.

Worx America designs automated solutions for industrial, environmental and energy industries to improve efficiency and systems output. Worx America has developed a line of automated robotic systems to quickly clean and recover usable oil from oil container waste sludge, resulting in increased sales and decreased tank cleaning time.

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