SOURCE: Respect Network

October 29, 2012 08:00 ET

Respect Network Announces Mydex and Disconnect as Founding Partners

Appoints Gary Rowe as CEO

OSAKA, JAPAN--(Marketwire - Oct 29, 2012) - SIBOS - At the SIBOS international banking conference today, Respect Network, the world's first open network for the trusted exchange of personal data, announced that Mydex has joined as an Ecosystem Partner and Disconnect as a Development Partner. These partners were announced in conjunction with the company's appointment of Gary Rowe to CEO of Respect Network.

Mr. Rowe, former president of technology analyst firm Burton Group, described the opportunity this way: "Respect Network Corporation, in concert with our Founding Partners, has a unique opportunity to build a more user-centric, trusted Internet. The Internet started out that way but as it grew, spam, phishing, and other trust issues have become endemic. The focus of our company is to re-establish that trust with a platform that allows users to control their data and interactions with businesses. The Respect Network will allow businesses to actually achieve better, more focused, more profitable relationships by giving customers the assurance they will always be in control of the data they share and the communications they receive on the network."

London-based Mydex is a pioneer in the development of personal data services that empower individuals to realize the value of their personal data, establish a trusted digital identity, and secure connections to their network of suppliers, personal networks and service providers. "As a Community Interest Company, Mydex is committed to ensuring commercial sustainability but it is not in business to maximize profits for shareholders," said Mydex CEO David Alexander, who was also appointed Respect Network Ecosystem Architect. "Our personal data store service and ISO 27001 compliant trust framework provide a robust personal data ecosystem for our members and partners, and joining the Respect Network will help us extend our ecosystem to other individuals and businesses around the world."

"I can personally attest to the vision and integrity of the Mydex founding team," said Respect Network Managing Director Drummond Reed. "I have worked with them for half a decade on establishing the technical, legal, and business layers required for a sustainable personal data ecosystem, and I truly look forward to realizing and implementing our mutual vision of this as a win/win solution for people and businesses on the Internet."

Disconnect is an award-winning startup based in Menlo Park, California whose software stops online tracking and is used by more than 850,000 people every week. "We build tools that make it simple for users to understand and control the data they share on the web," said co-founder Casey Oppenheim. "Our goal is to empower users and help them build relationships with sites and businesses based on transparency and trust, which is why it was natural for us to join the other Founding Partners of the Respect Network."

"With Mydex and Disconnect, Respect Network has reached 20 Founding Partners in just the six months since we launched the program at the European Identity Conference in April," said Mr. Rowe. "Coming with our announcement here at Sibos of our collaboration with SWIFT Innotribe on the Digital Asset Grid, we are now ready to move toward launching the production network in 2013."

Respect Network launched the Founding Partner Program in the spring of 2012 to enlist companies committed to the strong personal data control protections of the award-winning Respect Trust Framework. Neustar, one of the world's leading trusted neutral network service providers, is the first Platinum Founding Partner. Swisscom, Switzerland's leading telecom provider as well as one of the most trusted brands in Europe, is a Gold Founding Partner. Other Founding Partners include Kynetx, The Customer's Voice, Project Danube, Gluu, Planetwork, Bitworld, Miicard, BioID, Virtrue, TrustCloud, Allfiled, OwnYourInfo, Edentiti, Ctrl-Shift and The Searls Group.

Respect Network will soon begin inviting select global brands to participate in this new consortium, enabling them to empower and connect directly with customers in a way that has never been possible. For more information, visit

About Respect Network Corporation
Respect Network is building the world's first trusted personal data network. All members subscribe to the Respect Trust Framework, the new model for personal data sharing that is listed with the Open Identity Exchange and won the Privacy Award at the 2011 European Identity Conference. Individuals can join the Respect Network today through the Connect.Me social business card and discovery service available at

About Mydex
Mydex, formed as a Community Interest Company under UK law, is a is a personal data sharing platform legally committed to its core social purpose of empowering individuals to manage their lives more effectively. In addition to personal data stores, Mydex offers the MydexID, a digital identity for use in federated logins, including a range of multi-factor authentication solutions designed to simplify interactions while improving security and reducing cost and risk to relying parties. Connections to the Mydex platform are via an open API that enables organisations and application developers to connect with and provide information services to their members. At the core of Mydex is a trust framework (currently being registered with the Open Identity Exchange and to be certified under tScheme) setting out clearly the rights and responsibilities of all participants, including a standard data sharing agreement under contract law. To learn more visit

About Disconnect
Disconnect, Inc. is an award-winning startup that makes simple tools to help users understand and control the data they share on the web. Disconnect's products are top-rated browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that stop tracking by third parties and search engines, and are used by more than 850,000 every week. For more information visit

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