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September 25, 2013 10:00 ET

Restaurant Cash Advance Loans: Announcing Super-Fast Financing Available to Restaurant Professionals

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - September 25, 2013) - Restaurants are unique businesses that the majority of loan officers simply don't understand.  Unfortunately, this puts the manager or owner at a disadvantage when it comes to securing credit or restaurant loans from traditional financial institutions in order to expand the business, pay creditors, or upgrade infrastructure. No doubt people have often wondered how great it would be to have one financial company that actually appreciates the nuances and challenges of the restaurant industry. Fortunately, that time has come.

With, you get a business partner for success; one that completely understands that even the best of business men and women hit a rough patch every now and then. They work with a client regardless of whether their business is a startup or established, seats fifty people or five hundred. Best of all, the service offers unique advantages for the restaurateur that simply aren't available through banks and other financial companies.

First and foremost, the experts at strive to make decisions as to the financial eligibility of applicants as quickly as possible. They are well aware that time is always important; especially when there is a problem that needs to be corrected before a business can operate more efficiently. With this in mind, loan decisions are often made in as little as forty eight hours. And since clients are dealing with a company that is exclusively devoted to helping managers and owners within the restaurant industry, they know that all decisions will take into account all facets of their business that are often overlooked or discounted by less knowledgeable financial officers. Basically, everyone is guaranteed a fair assessment and if basic conditions are met, a restaurant cash advance will be granted in as little as a couple of days. Even applicants with bad credit are often granted restaurant business loans, as other considerations beyond a mere credit score are taken into account when making a decision.

The company also offers flexible payment arrangements for restaurant loans, which are often appreciated by cash strapped startups as well as established businesses that are struggling through a rough period of time. They're willing to work with you when an unforeseen situation arises, including listening with an open mind and even offering more lenient payment options in order to keep the restaurant afloat. So while other financial institutions won't hesitate to attack and destroy an honest business owner's credit, the folks at take a different, more compassionate approach to financing endeavors with restaurant business loans.

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