SOURCE: Dakshidin Corporation

March 27, 2008 16:24 ET

Restec's Mark 10E Wind Turbine Poised to Fill Major Void

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - March 27, 2008) - Dakshidin Corporation (PINKSHEETS: DKSC) ( and its wholly owned subsidiary, Restec International Inc., producers of the world's most powerful water pumping windmill, are pleased to announce today that in view of production of Restec's Mark 10E Wind Turbine, their technology is a major and meaningful contributor to energy security, strategic technology and long-term economic growth.

Wind turbines will alleviate dependence on foreign energy supplies while producing distinct benefits to the economy. Electricity generated by small wind turbines use a clean non-polluting energy source, the wind, and they operate more wind hours consistently, compared to traditional one-megawatt wind turbines, at a lower cost. Even though large wind turbines have captured the high wind speed niche in the market place, small wind turbines will not be a direct competitor to large turbines, they are added value to the energy sector.

The projected goal for the small wind turbine industry, in the U.S, is a generating capacity of 50,000 megawatts of electricity or the ability to satisfy 3% of U.S. electrical demand by 2020 (Source of information: American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Based on this number, the potential for Restec Mark10E Wind Turbines and/or similar wind turbines producing 50kwh is 1,000,000 small wind turbines. This makes the market for small, low wind speed turbines in the U.S. alone worth tens of billions of dollars.

1.6 billion people -- a quarter of humanity -- live without electricity:

South Asia --         706 million
Sub-Saharan Africa -- 547 million
East Asia --          224 million
Other --              101 million

Nick Laroche, president of Dakshidin Corporation, comments, "Wind energy has only a positive impact on the environment, we are pleased to set an example of and provide a safe and extremely important energy technology for the world."

Restec's MARK 10 Windmill is the cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the world's water crisis and Restec's Mark 10E Wind Turbine is the cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the world's energy crisis!

About Dakshidin Corporation: Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Restec International Inc., Dakshidin produces the world's most powerful pumping windmill. Throughout the world, especially in developing countries, there is a dire need for water to fulfill basic human self-sufficiency demands. In most cases, the problem is not the lack of available water, but the cost and reliability of obtaining it. The Restec water pumping Windmill and the Restec Wind Turbine is the renewable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the world's water and energy crisis.

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