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December 02, 2010 05:19 ET

Result of AGM


                                                                                       2 DECEMBER 2010
                                              AVATION PLC
                                     ("Avation" or "the Company")
                                    AGM RESULT AND DIVIDEND DETAILS
Avation  advises  that  all  resolutions  were passed at  the  Company's  Annual  General  Meeting  of
shareholders, held in Singapore on 2nd December 2010.

Shareholders  voted  unanimously to approve the payment of a final dividend of  0.6  pence  cents  per
share,  the Board has determined the following dividend timetable, in accordance with the LSE dividend
payment guidelines:

Dividend Details
Ex Dividend Date:        8th December 2010
Record Date:             10th December 2010
Payment Date:            17th December 2010

For  holders of CREST depository interests or certificated shares held on the UK register, the  amount
payable will be 0.6 pence per share.

The Directors take responsibility for the contents of this announcement.

For further information, please contact:
Avation PLC                                                                              07783 942 553
Jeff Chatfield, Chairman

Advisor                                                                                  020 7628 1128
Dr Frank Lucas, Loeb Aron & Company

Media                                                                                    020 7562 3350
Nick Rome, Laura Stevens
Bishopsgate Communications

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