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May 06, 2014 10:35 ET

Results Are Already In; When Pinxter Asks "Do You Like My Style?" Fans Give a Resounding "Yes!" to the New, Interactive Mobile App

Pinxter Inc.'s Platform Enjoys Quick Success; Development Underway to Release an Additional 5 Apps With Its Innovative Platform Approach Across Different Markets

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - May 6, 2014) - In just nine months, Pinxter Inc., the Alexandria, Virginia-based startup is getting high ratings.

It's not surprising, though; Pinxter knows all about ratings. Its application platform engages consumers with their favorite brands with a unique rating system that allows users to upload images of products to get instant feedback from others. So while the consumer is making social connections around the world and discovering new trends, participating companies are able to capture data on Pinxter's analytic dashboard and leverage their own products on the app based on the trends they are observing as well as help them better understand their consumers' opinions and influences.

And since real-time feedback is the crux of Pinxter's concept, it's fitting that this new company has already gotten a jolt of positive reviews in such a short time. The eight-member staff is proud to tout that their user base for all apps is growing exponentially. In the first six months, Pinxter has 100,000+ users for the original app, and in the last 30 days, 50,000+ users for the others. It has also been included in the top 20 apps in 37 countries.

Pinxter was founded last year, after Sergei Dubograev went shopping with his wife and sister and noted their desire to get honest opinions from each other about whether an outfit looked good or not. Dubograev, now Pinxter's co-founder, thought to himself "there should be an app for that." Enter Dimitri Simerazhko, Dubograev's friend and fellow co-founder, who together put their idea in motion; and by August 2013, Pinxter launched and was well on its way.

Currently, Pinxter Inc. has released three mobile applications using the platform on iTunes -- Pinxter, WedStyle, and Choicy.

  • Pinxter is a new social fashion community that enables users to quickly and easily give and receive fashion feedback on apparel and accessories. Users upload photos of what they're wearing or buying to get "yes" or "no" votes from their friends, followers, or anonymously via the entire Pinxter community. They can tag brands, follow fashion trends, and discover new looks emerging in real time.

  • WedStyle, developed in partnership with, is a community of brides/grooms, family members and wedding vendors that interact for inspiration and advice on wedding style ideas. Couples can upload and browse through thousands of photos and rate today's hottest wedding trends. Launched in March 2014, it's Pinxter's first effort to "white-label" the app platform using a brand's own content. WedStyle was recently named among the "Best New App" on iTunes.

  • Choicy, the newest app -- just released in late April -- is the new way to crowdsource any question(s) you might have and get real-time feedback. By working off the concept that interacting with the world should be a fun and social experience, Choicy can help users discover everything from learning about top travel destinations, international food trends, or getting feedback on the best car to buy or if you should get that second tattoo.

Another aspect of Pinxter's successful platform is its gamification component. Across all the apps is the built-in currency, where users can earn or buy "diamonds" to promote their photos and climb the leaderboard for higher visibility. In coming weeks, the currency functionality will be further enhanced so users can gain access to brand discounts and VIP areas, maximizing brand promotions.

"We're all about connecting brands with users," explains Dubograev. "The app allows companies to understand user behavior, test new products, and interact strategically with existing and potential customers worldwide by utilizing our dashboard. This combined with the platform's ability to support white labeling of the app so brands can fully customize for their own style, products and data makes Pinxter an extremely powerful tool."

And they're just getting started. According to Dubograev, Pinxter is now in the midst of developing five additional apps for travel, social dating, wine, food, and cars. Plans are also underway to release all applications for Android this summer.

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Based in Alexandria, VA, Pinxter Inc. is a new social community powered by its iPhone apps that enable users to quickly and easily give and receive feedback. Whether an outfit, travel destination, gadget or anything in between, Pinxter crowdsources feedback and inspires. For additional information, please find us on Facebook, or visit

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