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April 23, 2009 03:00 ET

Results of Bulk Sample Tests

                                                                                         23 April 2009
                                 GREAT WESTERN MINING CORPORATION PLC
                                       ("GWMC" or "the Company")
The  Directors  of  Great Western Mining Corporation plc, recipient of the 2008 PLUS  Market  Resource
Stock of the Year Award, announced results of Bulk Sample Tests on recently acquired mining claims  in
the vicinity of its original holdings in Mineral County, Nevada.

The tests were carried out by Hazen Research Laboratory in Colorado, U.S.A.

Excerpts from the Bulk Sample Bottle Roll Leaching Test.

Table 1. Head Assays:
SAMPLE          Cu%             Oxide Cu        U3 08 %
H#1             9.5             9.7             0.014
Cu Skarn        6.07            5.54            na

Table 2. Analytical & Extraction Results
                                HEAD GRADE                       EXTRACTION
Sample          Analyte         Assayed         Calculated      Assayed         Calculated
                                                                Basis           Basis
H#1             Cu              9.51            9.1             94              99
                U3 08           0.014           0.012           81              93
Cu Skarn        Cu              6.07            5.7             88              93

        a)      assayed head extraction = (Cu in liquors)/(Cu in head)
        b)      calculated head extraction = (Cu in liquors)/(Cu in liquors + tails)

The  calculated-basis numbers are more accurate because they are mostly comprised of assays  performed
on  liquor samples, liquor samples are inherently uniform.  In contrast, a sample from a solid ore  is
unlikely to be precisely representative of the larger body.

Both  experiments resulted in an excellent copper extraction (99 and 93%). The H#1 sample also yielded
a uranium extraction of 93%.

Commenting  on  the  results, Chairman Emmett O'Connell said, "The Directors of Great  Western  Mining
Corporation  plc  are delighted, if somewhat in awe, at the results achieved.  It  would  appear  from
information to hand, that this deposit extends over a larger area than originally expected."

Mr.  O'Connell continued, "with regards the non-radioactive 'Cu-Skarn' sample, results of 5.7% copper,
this  was  a  pleasant surprise to the upside. Being some distance from sample H#1, it  extends  by  a
considerable degree the area of development potential for the short term, while medium term evaluation
of our total uranium and precious metal values are examined." He concluded.

                                ABOUT GREAT WESTERN MINING CORPORATION
    1.      GWMC is an Irish exploration company with approx 12 square kilometer of mineral claims in
            Nevada U.S.A.

    2.      GWMC owns 100% interest in all its claims.

    3.      GWMC is listed on the PLUS Market in London, trading symbol GWMO.

    4.      Web site:

    5.      Your attention is drawn to earlier announcements of test results 23 Nov 2006, 19 Jan 2007, 1
            Aug 2007, 25 Oct 2007, 24 Apr 2008, 15 Dec 2008, relating to gold, silver and uranium values on the
            Cabin Rock prospects in Mineral County, Nevada.
    6.      For further information:
            Emmett O'Connell         Tel: +353 51 565844
                                     Fax: +353 51 565884
            Liam McGratten, Director 087 274 5427
            Melvyn Quiller, U.K. Director 0771 289 9588


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