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May 25, 2007 10:42 ET

Results of the Conference Call

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              Total Active Shareholders                   175
              Total Active Certificates                   302
              Total of Free Trading Stock         186,810,249
              Total of Restricted Stock           459,487,905
              Total Shares Outstanding            646,298,154
              Total Shares Authorized             900,000,000
1. BUYBACK program: 30 mln. shares were repurchased already. The program is going on.

2. "Now we are training all necessary documents for raising the company status and going from Pink Sheets to the NASDAQ BB, American Stock Exchange or AIM," says Mr. Malyshev, the President of NWOG Inc.

3. Estimated potential future stock price: by September 2007 - 0.30$; by the end of the year - 1$ based on newly Audited Financial Statement and recent and future developments of the Company.

4 Current production: 876,000 barrels per year. "We plan to increase this number by 438,000 barrels. So in general it will be 1,314,000 barrels," says Mr. Malyshev.

5. Current reserves (category C1):

4 fields in Saratov region: 21,900,000 barrels; Shalinskoe: 36,750,000 barrels

6. Lugovskoe: Mr. Malyshev says: "We have won an auction, but we back out of the purchase (unreasonably high price)."

7. Former Nord Oil assets: "We carry on negotiations concerning the sale of the Nord Oil assets at the price of 10 mln. $ and want to spend the proceeds buying new, more profitable assets," says Mr. Malyshev, the President of NWOG Inc.

8. Potential buyout price of NWOG Inc. is 100 mln. $

9. Middle East deals: Syria: "We are going to start with preparing of the Agreement with the Government before the end of the summer." Algeria (not Lybia, it was a mistake): "This deal is on the docket with one of the most significant Russian state oil companies," says Mr. Malyshev.

10. NWOG Inc. takes part in all these deals.

11. The merger (Saratov): Mr. Malyshev says: "We plan to close this deal within 2 months. We can't identify now our partner, because we have signed the Confidentiality Agreement."

12. Latvia terminal: Mr. Malyshev says: "It's in the last stage. We have agreed already in the price. Now is carrying out an audit and estimation of the Latvian Company and it will be finished during 2 months."

About North West Oil Group (formerly Nord Oil International): North West Oil Group is a non-reporting, publicly traded Oil & Gas company trading under the ticker symbol NWOG on the U.S. Pinksheets market.

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