SOURCE: 1% Business Brokers, Inc.

September 25, 2007 09:38 ET

Retiring Business Owners Ring Up a Good Deal at Checkout

This Is How to Sell a Business Now

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - The internet has changed pretty much everything. Could Al Gore's "invention" now be changing how America's business wealth transitions from retiring business owners?

Search engines became part of everyday speech when Yahoo and iGoogle rewrote the rules for finding stuff. And finding the best deal, no matter what we are shopping for, also happens on the internet. Thanks Hotwire, Ebay and

Retiring business owners once relied on that kid's booster seat called the phonebook to find a local business broker. Now business owners go directly to and search for "business broker" in their city or state and 1% Business Brokers, Inc.® pops up everywhere.

Most business owners who are ready to cash in their business chips plan to use those proceeds to fund retirement and implement some kind of wealth planning strategy. And nothing that requires daily management, thank you. Traditionally, business brokers have eaten a good sized chunk of a seller's proceeds by charging business owners ten percent or more commission for the sale of the business.

After years of hard work and risk, business owners don't like the idea of giving up ten percent of their hard-earned equity to Johnny-come-lately business broker salesperson. After all, they built it and the retiree has to live off the ROI of those proceeds until the day they die.

The internet long ago reduced the cost using stock brokers, mortgage brokers and now with it has reduced the cost of using a business broker. By charging as little as one percent of the transaction price on midsize and larger transactions the folks at 1% Business Brokers, Inc. have put tens of thousands of dollars back in the pocket of today's retiring business owner. That would improve anyone's new lifestyle.

When asked how they provide the same level of service while charging significantly less than traditional business brokers, Mark Huggans of 1% Business Brokers® said, "The answer is three-fold, the instant connectivity of the internet and our digital platform technology has automated every part of the mergers and acquisition that can be automated and of course our marketplace savvy."

Perhaps the internet is not finished helping all of us save more money. Maybe in our life time there will be a If so, we'd like to say thanks again to the internet.

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