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Retroficiency, Inc.

October 20, 2014 09:05 ET

Retroficiency Analytics Improve Utility Efficiency Program Targeting and Cross-Channel Engagement

Enhanced Building Efficiency Intelligence Platform Analyzes Data From Any Meter, Customer and Business Source; Helps Utilities and Program Administrators Convert More Customers Into Program Participants

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 20, 2014) -  Retroficiency today unveiled its new Building Efficiency Intelligence (BEI) platform, empowering utilities and program administrators to gain insights from any meter, customer or business data source for better commercial efficiency program delivery. The patent-pending BEI platform is currently used by some of the nation's largest utilities and program administrators to realize more energy savings at a fraction of the current time and cost.

Challenged by rising energy efficiency mandates, utilities and program administrators seek new ways to achieve savings from more commercial customers and types of measures. Retroficiency's latest platform release incorporates a strategic, data-driven approach at each phase of the program delivery process. For the first time, utilities and program administrators can now merge deep meter analytics with customer and business data to develop a single view of which commercial customers are most likely to engage in their efficiency programs and the savings opportunity for each. From there, users can build and deliver highly effective, continuous engagement campaigns that convert customers into efficiency program participants.

"Retroficiency led the first wave of building analytics for commercial programs, which was focused on meter-side analytics to understand savings opportunities," said Bryan Long, co-founder and CTO of Retroficiency. "Now, BEI's flexible data architecture bridges energy insights with business-level data to empower utilities with a holistic customer perspective as they market energy efficiency."

Retroficiency is dramatically improving utilities' ability to target and promote efficiency programs through new enhancements, including:

  • Data Agnostic Portfolio Targeting: Backed by Retroficiency's one-of-a-kind ability to deliver remote analytics with either monthly or interval meter data, BEI now provides a single, integrated view of all customers from which users can begin the targeting and engagement process. With the BEI platform, utilities and administrators can optimize prioritization -- across customer class, measure type, or geographic area -- regardless of the granularity of the available meter data.

  • Holistic Segmentation Development: BEI's flexible data display allows users to view and interact with Retroficiency-derived insights alongside virtually any type of utility or third-party provided information, such as firmographic or segmentation data. Users can create customized groupings for campaign development and track cohort-based program performance, while aligning and refining outreach with the customers that are most likely to participate.

  • Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone Engagement: Commercial customers can learn about and become interested in energy efficiency across multiple channels and different stakeholders. Retroficiency's configurable reporting architecture powers one-to-one sales and marketing campaigns that significantly increase conversion rates via Web, email, print and direct channels (anywhere); with varying levels of customer touch and access (anytime); and by any delivery team stakeholder, such as account managers, third-party implementers and trade allies (anyone).

Retroficiency's BEI platform mines utility meter data and building information, combining these sources with the industry's most complete energy analytics to rapidly create energy models for deep insights about how each building is using energy and how each could improve with efficiency upgrades. Building data and insights flow seamlessly for each building throughout the complete delivery lifecycle -- from building targeting to customer engagement, project conversion, and opportunity tracking.

"The utility of the future is being shaped by data analytics across every facet of the business," said Bennett Fisher, co-founder and CEO of Retroficiency. "We are dramatically improving program delivery by empowering utilities to better pinpoint and group the best customers to focus on, while providing meaningful engagement through the right channels. The result is lower cost and time to achieve savings goals."

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