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January 14, 2016 13:28 ET

Retrofit Launches #RetrofitNotFad Social Media Campaign to Help You Make Lasting Healthy Lifestyle Changes

2016 Is All About Sound Weight-Loss Strategies and Facts, Not Fads

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - January 14, 2016) - If you can't seem to find that free treadmill at the gym amidst the sea of New Year's resolution-making gym goers, don't distress.

This year is all about setting those resolutions aside. Being realistic and making lasting lifestyle changes is where it is at, according to wellness experts at Retrofit, a leading provider of weight-management programs. 

"Health and fitness fads used to attain those New Year's resolutions are so 2015," said Stefanie Painter, registered dietitian, Retrofit. "In 2016, it's all about creating a realistic, healthy lifestyle, so you never have to go on another fad diet." 

In response to this, Retrofit has launched the #RetrofitNotFad campaign to help you become healthier and happier. Throughout the year, Retrofit wellness experts will provide sound weight-loss strategies and facts -- not fads -- like the following, to keep you fit the Retrofit way.

Make this year about mindset. Pick yourself up from previous weight-loss attempts and failures and acknowledge that you are human. There is no quick fix to weight loss or healthy living. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is. Stop spending energy trying to cheat the system. Pour that energy into trying to change your mindset and healthy habits will follow.

Focus on daily wins. Small success creates confidence to build bigger success. Daily "pats on the back" give us a boost on the challenging days (spoiler alert: there will be challenging days). Even when a day isn't as successful as you like, there is always something positive for which you can give yourself credit. By focusing on the wins, you are able to keep your momentum going and realize that healthy living isn't all or nothing.

Find your favorite way to nourish yourself that doesn't include food. Try other means of self-care such as meditating, hitting the gym or calling a friend to help prevent suppressing your emotional stress with food.

Let your plate be your guide. A balanced plate has 50 percent produce, 25 percent whole grains and 25 percent lean protein and dairy products.

Snack when you are hungry. If your stomach is growling, then have a snack consisting of protein and produce. If your stomach isn't growling, you likely are wanting to eat out of emotions or stress. Drink some water, take a walk and address the true need behind what's underneath those cravings.

Save trendy drinks as special treats. Kombucha tea has risen in popularity over the past few years. However, water should stay your beverage of choice in 2016. Too boring for you? Give it some flavor with lemons, limes or other fruits and vegetables. Drink no less than 64 ounces and strive for more than 100 ounces daily.

Don't fall into the supplement trap. A trendy supplement in celebrity circles is garcinia cambogia. While celebs tout it as a fat-burning tool of choice, the jury is still out. Don't waste your money.

Retrofit is making it simple for people across the country to join this healthy living movement. Share our tips and offer your own with a photo of yourself living healthy and include #RetrofitNotFad. Tag friends challenging them to do the same.

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