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January 21, 2016 08:00 ET

Retrofit Partners With Kurbo Health to Address Obesity in Families

Collaboration to Help Reduce Health-Care Costs for Children and Adults

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - January 21, 2016) - Retrofit, Inc. and Kurbo Health today announced that they will collaborate to help entire families lose weight and become healthier. Retrofit is a leading provider of weight-management solutions for adults while Kurbo is the only safe and effective weight-management platform for kids and teens. This partnership joins the outcomes-based programs to build on their respective success with these distinct, yet interrelated populations.

"Employers and health plans now have access to an aligned program that spans the continuum of weight-management solutions necessary for both children and adults," said Mary Pigatti, Retrofit CEO. "This will allow us to not only transform lives and workplaces, but also entire families."

Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese while more than two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese.

"Family dynamics and lifestyle contribute to weight gain. If a parent is overweight and has poor diet and exercise habits, the child is likely to adopt the same habits," said Joanna Strober, Kurbo CEO and founder. "Offering programs that encourage healthy behaviors for the entire family will make both kids and parents more likely to be successful with weight loss."

Approximately one-third of large employer beneficiaries are dependents under the age of 25, and children and adolescents are responsible for 15 percent of a typical large employer's health-care costs. Obese children are twice as likely to need medical care and typically have health expenses three times higher than non-overweight children while obese adults spend 42 percent more on direct health-care costs than adults who are a healthy weight.

The annual health-care cost of obesity in the U.S. has doubled in less than a decade and is estimated to now be as high as $147 billion a year. Obesity costs U.S. businesses more than $13 billion annually in health insurance claims, paid sick leave and disability and life insurance, according to the American Journal of Health Promotion. In addition, indirect costs associated with childhood obesity stem from parents' lost productivity and engagement during the workday.

The Retrofit and Kurbo partnership offers a unified approach for employers and health plans to reverse the obesity epidemic and its spiraling costs. Clients will receive the personalized attention of a live coach and food and activity tracking through a smart dashboard or mobile app. Adults also will have access to expert-led interactive classes and social support from an online community.

About Retrofit
Retrofit offers weight-management solutions that help employers tackle obesity and deliver proven outcomes and lasting results. Ninety percent of participants lose weight and 68 percent keep it off 18 months later. Retrofit clients also are two times more satisfied than those on other weight-loss programs, according to a recent client satisfaction survey. Retrofit attributes its success to five key factors: 1) a scientifically based program design; 2) highly credentialed experts who drive a personalized experience and true engagement; 3) a multi-disciplinary, high-tech/high-touch approach; 4) the adaptability of the program to integrate or run discreetly within organizations' broader wellness ecosystems, and 5) "happiness delivered" with proven outcomes that transform lives and workplaces.

About Kurbo Health
Kurbo Health provides the first mobile health-coaching solution designed specifically to help children and families lose weight and develop smarter eating habits. It is based on one of the most advanced weight-management programs from Stanford University and has been proven effective in helping kids lose weight and create healthy habits. Kurbo kids and families receive weekly video consults and goal-setting with a trained professional coach via Skype or FaceTime, a mobile app designed to help them track food and exercise on their smartphone, and daily support from a team of experts through emails, text messages and in-app games and videos. Kurbo is backed by venture funding from top-tier investors, including Signia Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Data Collective, Promus Ventures and Rock Health. For more information, please visit 

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