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June 27, 2008 08:00 ET

Return of the "Love Bean:" Claudio Corallo Chocolate Brings New Passion, Dedication and Awareness to the Ancient Craft of Chocolate Making

Specialty Chocolate Company Blends New and Old World Techniques to Bring Unique Hand-Crafted Chocolates to the 54th Fancy Food Show

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - June 27, 2008) - Since its discovery, chocolate has been traded as currency, used to spark passion in lovers, and gifted to make amends with both friends and family. Chocolate is North America's favorite "flavor," and almost everyone is familiar with its rich taste; but how many know how it is made? Claudio Corallo Chocolate believes that understanding the process that brings chocolate from plantation to bar is critical to the tasting experience -- and with nine extraordinary debut flavors this small but mighty company is poised to change the way we view, and consume, the fruits of this revered "love bean."

All nine flavors will be making their first appearance at the Fancy Food Show this weekend. Show attendees will have the unique opportunity to taste Claudio Corallo's full chocolate line, which is currently only available at very select specialty and gourmet food shops around the country.

"Chocolate is one of my true passions. I have a deep respect and love for the cacao plant and it is my mission to allow the cacao plant to sing -- by making the best, the purest chocolate possible," says Claudio Corallo. "When you taste my chocolate, you taste the cacao. My chocolate is not weighted down with unnecessary flavors, harmed by overprocessing or diluted with unneeded dairy products."

A true plantation to bar operation, Claudio Corallo Chocolate maintains exacting control over all aspects of the business, from tending fledgling cacao plants to careful bean selection, fermentation and chocolate production. Claudio Corallo has developed high standards for his cacao and only the very best beans make it to the final roasting stages of production. The family-run operation individually removes the stem from each roasted bean -- an unprecedented standard of quality. Corallo shuns certain industry standards. He refuses to conch his chocolate and he believes fermenting is a critical process and ferments longer than the industry standard, tending to his beans much like a winemaker tends to his grapes. His beliefs about growing cacao and chocolate production come from years of experimentation and trials on São Tomé.

Claudio's latest offering, 100 percent cacao ginger balls, are a decadent take on the line's ginger (gengibre) bar, one of Corallo's most popular offerings. Available just in time for the holidays, these delicious balls of crystallized ginger are enveloped in Claudio Corallo Chocolate in its most unadulterated state -- a smooth and dense 100 percent chocolate with an intense, earthy flavor and long finish. Other popular Claudio Corallo products include the floral and nutty 75 percent cacao bar, as well as the 80 percent cacao bar, whose texture is enhanced by the addition of coarse sugar crystals. One selection in particular showcases Claudio's perfectionist nature -- the 70 percent cacao bar with liqueur-infused raisins. To make this unique bar, Claudio steeps raisins in hand-distilled liqueur made from the pulp of his cacao pods. The result is a rich, deeply aromatic chocolate experience.

During the 54th Summer Fancy Food Show (June 29-July 2), Claudio Corallo Chocolate will be located on the mezzanine level of Javits in booth # 6309, as well as in the "What's New" section of the show (Case 32, Space "G"). Samples of the 75 percent, 80 percent with crystallized sugar and 70 percent with cacao nibs will be available at the booth. Attending media interested in scheduling a tasting of the full Claudio Corallo Chocolate line are encouraged to contact Rebecca Halleran at (305) 972-0172 or

About Claudio Corallo Chocolate

Managing every aspect of its development -- from the plantation to the bar -- Claudio Corallo Chocolate is committed to presenting the world with the very best in chocolate. Located on the cacao-rich islands of São Tomé and Príncipe, Claudio is relentless in his quest for quality in all stages of the process, from tending to the cacao trees to hand-crafting world renowned chocolate. Claudio Corallo Chocolate offers nine unique chocolate experiences, including 80 percent cacao with crystallized sugar, 70 percent cacao with liqueur-infused raisins and the new 100 percent cacao ginger balls. Additional company information and purchase details can be found online at

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