November 29, 2016 09:01 ET

REV Performance Management Platform is Now Compatible with Salesforce and NetSuite CRMs

Company completes integrated API layer, helping businesses streamline employee performance and customer relationship management into one interface

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Nov 29, 2016) - REV announces today its big data analytics platform, which helps organizations achieve goals by giving actionable insight to all employees, is now compatible with two of the world's leaders in CRM software: Salesforce and NetSuite. Designed to solve critical business challenges facing organizations across a variety of industries, REV aligns employees, managers and executives with organization-wide goals and drives results today and into the future.

Now operating seamlessly with Salesforce and NetSuite using integrated application program interfaces (API's), REV goes beyond traditional business intelligence tools and strategies by making knowledge accessible to everyone. With REV, organizations enable team members to understand where they as individuals can drive change in alignment with business objectives and help their company succeed.

"By allowing REV to integrate with major CRM platforms, we're fast-tracking the creation of a common measurement system that can answer the questions 'how can I improve' or 'what can I do better' to further support organizational priorities," said Ty Tucker, CEO at REV. "Salesforce and NetSuite help businesses find, win and keep clients. REV, on the other hand, is focused on employees. By using REV to set achievable goals that facilitate productivity and offer constant feedback on performance, businesses ensure employees are equipped to provide customers with the best possible service, thus unlocking the true value of their CRM investment."

Whether an organization already uses a CRM system daily or has recently adopted it, REV's two-step integration process makes Salesforce and NetSuite data easier to consume by presenting it in a dynamic, engaging way. REV achieves this through gamification components such as leaderboards, proactive suggestive coaching, leveling and trophies -- all of which help employees achieve personal and team success. By giving everyone in an organization a cohesive understanding of goals and how to reach them, as well as a clear picture of what success means for them as individuals, REV enables an entire company to move in the same direction.

"Salesforce and NetSuite are two of the leading CRMs in the world, which makes REV's integration capability a significant part of our continued success," adds Tucker. "Not only are we enhancing REV's value for current clients, we're also opening the door to new customers across a variety of industries that already implement Salesforce or NetSuite in their customer relationship strategy. It's a great milestone for our company."

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