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May 12, 2014 08:30 ET

Revelens, Inc. Debuts Contextual Video Bookmarking Platform at Collision Conference 2014

Revelens Platform Enables Video Publishers With Seamless, Interactive Engagement Points; Targets Viewers at Their Precise Moment of Interest

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 12, 2014) - Collision Conference 2014 Booth #35 (Day 2, May 14) - Revelens, Inc. ( announced today it will debut a new web-based contextual video bookmarking platform at the Collision Conference 2014 ( next week in Las Vegas, NV. With its new platform, Revelens is providing an entirely new approach to creating revenue streams for broadcasters and video publishers, while also delivering an engaging, interactive and non-disruptive viewing experience for consumers.

For video publishers, the Revelens platform introduces a seamless way of embedding hundreds of engagement points per program view -- without interruption or distraction for the viewer. For viewers, the Revelens experience allows them to simply tap or click the screen during a video to bookmark a scene to reveal products, personalities or additional information from that scene. Revelens gives viewers access to information or the ability to purchase products from their bookmarked scenes -- during the program, or after they've finished viewing.

The Revelens platform makes its first public debut at the Collision Conference, and is available for immediate customer deployment. At launch, Revelens is showcasing two major customer deployments; representing implementation of the technology in a celebrity digital platform and a hit web series that has been picked up for network distribution.

Quincy Morris is an executive producer, writer and creator of the hit web series, In Between Men. This groundbreaking series, which premieres its third season in 2014, has been picked up for distribution by the Launch TV Network, reaching over 85 million households. Morris has chosen the Revelens platform for integration with the new season and had this to say about Revelens:

"In Between Men has established a powerful connection with a global audience. The compelling story line with engaging characters and situations have drawn people in. Implementing the Revelens platform into our new season will allow us to take that connection even further; allowing our viewers to delve into different scenes, learn about the fashions, the food, the outlandish Manhattan real estate -- all the details of their favorite characters -- and interact with the show in an entirely new way."

Revelens is presenting another of its first major customer deployments, The Influence; a new celebrity digital platform focused on shoppable influencer fashion, style, and branded content. The developers of The Influence wanted to create a far more engaging experience for their followers, allowing them to interact with content and purchase products and services, all as part of an integrated user experience.

"The challenge for any sponsor or ad-driven online network is proving value to your partners. At the same time, you can't afford to disrupt -- or worse -- annoy your audience with invasive advertising or messages that don't apply to them and interrupt their experience. That's the fastest way to lose your audience," said Brian Ludlow, co-founder, The Influence. "Revelens delivered a system that easily plugged into our existing infrastructure, while providing our audience an entirely unique and engaging interface. And that translates directly to value for our partners."

A member of the Revelens Board of Advisors, Oren Aviv is a highly-respected media and entertainment professional, having been President of Production and Marketing at Walt Disney Studios for nearly two decades and most recently as CMO at 20th Century Fox. He had this to say about the Company:

"While broadcasters and video publishers have embraced the consumer shift to online and streaming content, the Holy Grail of tapping into and engaging with audiences in a meaningful, valuable way via video content still remains elusive -- but now Revelens has found a way to do just that. The key to audience engagement is providing non-disruptive content experiences while delivering relevant, related information that is personally meaningful to them. The founders of Revelens have created a unique, additive and welcome interactive experience using broadcasting and technology in a way that's never been done before."

The Revelens Platform
The Revelens platform is comprised of two basic components: a simple consumer-facing client, and a full-featured cloud server back-end. The architecture allows Revelens technology to be rapidly integrated with existing streaming media solutions, without the need to adopt a separate platform.

A thin layer, the front-end client, rides on top of industry-standard streaming solutions, and mediates the exchange between a streaming exhibition and a server back-end, which hosts the Revelens pattern-matching engine. Consumers interact with the front-end, which then captures interactions and forwards them to the back-end. The back-end engine provides anything from a fully authored experience with custom links, to an automated link-matching engine tied to customer user profiles, and any variation in between.

Revelens: The Market Opportunity
Media and Entertainment
The Revelens platform allows video publishers a seamless way of introducing hundreds of additional engagement points per program view -- without interruption or distraction. Whether the purpose is to sell product, socialize a moment, or provide story enrichment, Revelens targets viewers exactly at the point of interest and allows them to follow that impulse immediately. Instant gratification leads to deeper engagement.

Revelens transforms the ways an educational institution can use online video to connect and engage students, potential students, faculty, alumni and donors. It can provide a deeper educational experience when needed. It can also provide a wealth of untapped recruitment, retention, and revenue opportunities through any online course.

Corporate Enterprise
With Revelens, one video can be targeted to multiple locations and languages. Companies can address local sales offices, regional resources, and different geographies without having to create dozens of different video deliverables. Corporate customers are also able to bring up-to-date information into an existing video without having to create an entirely new training package.

About Revelens
Revelens, Inc. develops platforms and applications designed to enhance the online video experience for broadcasters, video publishers and viewers. Revelens has developed an innovative new web-based contextual video bookmarking platform, delivering an engaging, interactive and non-disruptive viewing experience for consumers while also providing additional revenue streams for broadcasters and video publishers. The Revelens concept is born of decades of experience in media production and post production. For more information, please visit

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