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September 09, 2008 09:59 ET

Revenue Science Kicks Off Shopping Season With New Holiday Behavioral Segments

Marketers Use Targeted Segments to Reach in Market Consumers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 9, 2008) - Revenue Science, the leading provider of targeted advertising solutions for digital media, today announced that it is offering several new unique behavioral segments to help advertisers effectively reach and influence holiday shoppers. The Revenue Science technology enables storing and indexing billions of behavioral events that are then organized into audience segments that specifically target consumers when they are both interested in a product and have signaled a readiness to make a purchase.

During the holiday shopping season, which extends over a several month period, shoppers are typically looking for a broad range of product categories. According to a recent study by iCongo, over 36 percent of adults are now more likely to shop online rather than in-person as a result of rising gas prices. The iCongo survey also shows that 88 percent of adults currently shop online and, of those, 96 percent are more likely to shop online than in-person at a store because of benefits like discounts, free shipping and convenience.

Revenue Science behavioral segments are designed to ensure that marketing messages are specific to each consumer's individual shopping needs. These unique holiday segments are available on their marketplace and include the following:

--  THANKSGIVING DINNER PLANNERS - Thanksgiving dinner planners are all
    about creating interesting, festive holiday meals for family and friends.
    They often search for gourmet recipes across a variety of cooking sites,
    and shop for Thanksgiving goods -- including foods and decoration -- across
    shopping sites. For example, those hosting a Thanksgiving dinner may be
    interested in themed tablecloths, centerpieces and serving ware, as well as
    specialty food items.
--  WINTER CLOTHING SHOPPERS - These shoppers are searching for cold
    weather clothing and accessories for themselves and/or their children such
    as wool coats, parkas and rain jackets, snow and rain boots, hats, scarves,
    gloves and mittens. They may also search for sweaters, blazers and other
    heavier weight but work appropriate wardrobe items.
--  HOLIDAY SHOPPERS - These shoppers are getting ahead of the holiday
    shopping influx, aiming to get their gifts ordered in advance of the
    holiday season. They are consumers who research and make purchases online
    as much as or even more than they do at brick-and-mortar retail locations.
    These shoppers' behaviors are broader because they are shopping not for
    themselves, but for many other people with a wide range of needs and
--  HOLIDAY GADGET SHOPPERS - Holiday gadget shoppers focus on purchasing
    gadgets such as computers, iPods, cell phones and more, for friends and
    family as gifts. They may be gadget lovers themselves or they may be
    shopping for a gadget lover -- but whatever the case, they often search for
    new gadgets on news and technology sites.
--  WINTER TRAVELERS - Winter travelers are often interested in vacation
    rentals and hotels for a winter getaway. Whether they are planning to
    travel to a colder climate or a sunny spot, they will research locations
    and fares online. They will also shop for travel accessories such as
    luggage, and wardrobes appropriate to their destination, be it resort-wear
    or a down-filled snow jacket.
--  WINTER SPORTS VACATIONERS - Winter sports vacationers are interested
    in an activity-specific vacation, such as skiing, snowmobiling, sledding
    and more. They often research their options by focusing on specific
    locations such as "downhill skiing in Aspen." In addition to looking for
    travel and accommodations to their desired destinations, they will also
    search for the relevant sports gear. For example, a couple of downhill
    skiers on their way to Aspen will be searching for men's and women's skis,
    boots, waterproof pants and jackets, goggles, scarves and gloves, as well
    as appropriate clothing for après ski.
--  NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION MAKERS - New Year's Resolution Makers descend on
    the Internet every January to seek out information about their resolutions.
    They tend to view articles about resolutions and how to keep them, as well
    as looking for information on topics such as weight loss, getting more
    exercise, and quitting smoking.

"The holiday shopping season can be the holy grail for retailers, and as consumers do an increasing amount of holiday shopping online, behavioral targeting is invaluable for reaching them no matter what product category they are browsing or what stage of the sales cycle they are in," said Monty Hudson, vice president of sales and media. "We created these custom segments in addition to the over 95 segments currently in our marketplace to cover a wide range of shopping behaviors. Marketers are able to reach holiday shoppers with ads tailored specifically to what they are looking for online, making the shopping experience easier for consumers, and boosting revenues for advertisers."

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