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January 10, 2014 07:00 ET

RevGuard® Completes API Development for Live CSR Integration

Customer Lifetime Value Optimization Now Available on Live CSR Systems

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - January 10, 2014) - RevGuard, LLC, the creator of A/B and multivariate customer service testing on Cloud-based technology platforms, released today the addition of Customer Lifetime Value ("CLV") optimization through Live Customer Service Representative ("CSR") interactions, allowing clients of Lime Light CRM and other Customer Relationship Management ("CRM") SaaS-based providers to dramatically increase profits.

"Live CSR is, for most of our clients, a critical form of customer service interaction and management. The addition of A/B testing to Live CSR interactions in our platform now allows our clients to provide automated field population of varied scripting variables and ongoing pricing and cancellation options, thereby optimizing CLV. Clients using a CRM platform like Lime Light CRM, as an example of many, can now optimize CLV within their SaaS-based CRM software," said Blair William McNea, CEO of RevGuard.

"For marketers, particularly of subscription products, it's not just about managing customer accounts and taking actions but it's more and more about intelligent data analysis and intuitive customer offers to maximize the profitability of existing customers. The addition of A/B testing within the RevGuard system allows our clients to do this with automated methods like IVR, Web and Email, but also now directly within, and part of, the live customer service interaction," said Rick Del Rio, CEO of Lime Light CRM.

The RevGuard system operates on a Cloud-hosted platform for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), web, email and Live customer service integration. When implemented, RevGuard's system optimizes CLV, typically providing a savings of up to 50% on return costs, an increase of 8% on revenue per customer, a reduction of 35% on customer service costs and a reduction of 31% on chargebacks. The OCO system reliably delivers an 80% (or greater) increase in bottom-line profitability for RevGuard's clients, usually within 90 days.

McNea added, "Using Cloud-hosted technologies, we are automating every point of customer service interaction, fully integrating those actions with third-party CRM platforms and performing our SaaS-based A/B optimization on customer interactions. The result for our clients is an 80% or more improvement in company-wide profits within 90 days. It's a combination of intuitive responses based on what a customer's status is, as well continued improvement through A/B testing. Our Clients' love it because they make more money and their customers love it because it's lightning fast and mobile friendly and targeted to their exact needs."

About RevGuard

RevGuard is a SaaS-based company which uses A/B and Multivariate testing in a Cloud-hosted environment to dramatically improve the profitability of its merchant clients. Optimized Customer Outcome ("OCO") is a patent-pending technology that operates through Cloud-hosted IVR, hosted web, email and Live CSR applications which fully integrate into customer CRM's. The addition of chat, text and social media testing is scheduled for completion in 2014. For more information on RevGuard OCO, please visit or contact Walter Long, Sr. Vice President of Business Development at

About Lime Light CRM

Lime Light CRM, created out of pure necessity, was developed by marketers for marketers who needed a solution to streamline their entire campaign and order management process. The system easily allows customers to build and manage different types of campaigns generating high volume transactions across multiple countries, and accepting most major currencies; all this through the use of proven marketing strategies, the automation of daily tasks and the integration of third party providers that effectively help to optimize the time and monetize the data. Lime Light CRM is one of the leading and most trusted CRM providers in the online market, integrated with hundreds of third party providers that add even more value to Lime Light CRM, contributing at the same time to the clients' success. For more information on Lime Light CRM, please visit

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