March 23, 2016 11:12 ET Releases Yearly White Paper on the State of Online Reviews

WASHINGTON, DC --(Marketwired - March 23, 2016) - As an industry leader in the area of online review monitoring, management, and big data analysis, has just released their yearly White Paper on The State of Online Reviews Among U.S. Shoppers 2016

Reading online reviews has become an integral part of the US shopper's path-to-purchase. More than three in four US shoppers go online to read reviews. Online reviews are the second most trusted source of information behind friends and family and actually rank ahead of peer recommendation in terms of being helpful in the shopping process. 73% of shoppers rank online reviews as the most influential piece of content, ahead of videos, photos and blogs, that lead to conversion.

The report answers questions regarding consumer review usage trends, including where shoppers read online reviews, how consumers approach the review process, how review consumption varies by gender and income, the level of importance placed on negative reviews, and how much credibility is given by consumers to an online review. 

As an example of the type of analysis this report contains, here is an insight regarding negative reviews.

"US shoppers aren't simply looking for positive reviews to help them buy. 77% of shoppers read both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced opinion of products and brands. In fact, more than four in five shoppers actively look for negative reviews online. Shoppers who go around reading negative reviews are also 85% more likely to convert than shoppers who don't. Increasingly, shoppers suspect censorship or fake reviews when they see a noticeable lack of negative reviews. Having negative reviews can increase trust in the brand and/or retailer."

The value of having and using this type of information and a review monitoring service is explained by clients of An engineer at Otterbox utilizes review monitoring to help with customer interaction and product design, "It not only enhances our ability to interact with consumers, but also empowers our design teams to quickly recognize and diagnose trending issues. The cross-functional benefit of this service has taken our business analytics to the next level!" 

For Hoover Social Media Manager Andy Netzel, the importance of review monitoring lies in understanding, "Until you can find a way to listen to all that feedback and turn it into better products, you'll never succeed. helps us listen to far more of our customers than we were before."

Getting the data assembled and analyzed in this report is key to a thorough comprehension of the effect online reviews have on the individual shopper and, hence, the success of brands both online and off. helps monitor and analyze product reviews for brands and manufacturers. The company provides a completely new set of business intelligence tools by allowing brands leverage real-time customer product review data to make better product design decisions.

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