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Bidder Robot Bid Sniper

March 03, 2011 13:00 ET

Revolutionary Bid Sniping Software Helps Shoppers Win on Live Penny Auctions

Bidder Robot Provides Automated Assistance on Penny Auction Sites; Bidders Can Control Settings and Win More Auctions

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2011) -  Chikiwawa released a new bid sniper software called Bidder Robot, which is a desktop application that allows bidders to improve their experience at live penny auction sites. This application enables bidders to automate website clicks and thereby win more auctions. Bidder Robot can be used on various entertainment shopping websites. A free downloadable trial version of this online auction software is currently available at

This penny auction software also allows for effective bidding to take place while people are away from the computer or conducting other activities. Additionally, due to the fact that Bidder Robot allows for automated mouse clicks, human errors can be avoided. The software precisely allows users to bid for an extended period of time. The end result is that Bidder Robot penny auction software improves overall winning ability.

Using Bidder Robot is extremely simple. Users specify the aspects of the auction that they wish for the application to watch. Whenever that value is met, a bid automatically takes place. Penny auction bidders also can enter bidding conditions for Bidder Robot to follow, such as price range and time remaining trigger.

Bidder Robot can also be used as an auction sniper. Auction sniping is when users watch a timed auction and place a bid at the last moment permissible. Since the sniping takes place often seconds before the end of the auction, the end result is that no one can outbid that user. Due to Bidder Robot's automated capabilities, it allows bidders to easily auction snipe. 

Time Magazine recently wrote an article about penny auction shopping sites called "Losing Your Cents." Writer Jennifer Egan commented, "For anybody who finds a bargain even mildly stimulating, this is like pure heroin. In recessionary times, it's like heroin that will also save puppies." Bidder Robot makes the process of bidding not only easier for users, but also more accurate.

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Chikiwawa is the author of Bidder Robot, an automated penny auction software for live auctions. This online auction software allows users to control settings, and it provides the timesaving feature of automated clicking. Bidder Robot can also conveniently be used for accurate auction sniping. Download a few trial of this online auction software today at

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