August 25, 2009 06:00 ET

Revolutionary CardioZone™ Fitness Equipment From Burns Three Times More Fat Than Ordinary Fitness Equipment

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 25, 2009) - Americans are obsessed with losing weight. However, the average person does not know how to exercise correctly to burn the most fat possible. Fitness equipment guru, manufacturer, e-commerce, retail distributor, and President of Jim "Super Gym" Rosen has solved this age-old problem by developing a revolutionary line of fitness equipment called CardioZone™, which burns up to three times more fat than ordinary fitness equipment!

"Most people simply guess when exercising and have no idea how much fat they are burning, a major obstacle to weight loss," said Rosen. "But with CardioZone™ fitness equipment, burning fat is easy. As long as you maintain your heart rate in the correct Cardio Zone while exercising, you can burn up to three times more fat while also achieving the maximum cardiovascular benefits for your heart muscle and endurance."

CardioZone™ first introduced its revolutionary line of state-of-the-art treadmills and ellipticals in 2003, and today is the #1 brand of fitness equipment in the country. Each CardioZone™ purchase comes complete with a free wireless chest belt that the user wears under their shirt across their upper rib cage, which is very comfortable. A tiny transmitter in the chest belt beams a wireless signal via telemetry technology to the computer console on the equipment. The treadmill or elliptical will then automatically adjust the speed, elevation or resistance until the user's heart rate enters their optimal fat burning Cardio Zone.

If the user's heart rate exceeds their optimal fat burning Cardio Zone, the equipment will automatically reduce the intensity until their heart rate comes back down into their fat burning Cardio Zone to prevent overtraining and potentially burning muscle and less fat, which is counterproductive. On the other hand, if the user gets tired or lazy and attempts to cheat by holding onto the side rails or slowing down on the elliptical, the equipment will automatically increase the intensity to get them back into their optimal fat burning zone.

"CardioZone™ is 100% 'cheat proof' and best of all, the state-of-the-art computer will watch your heart rate and make the necessary resistance adjustments all while you watch TV, read, listen to music or simply relax and let your endorphins go," said Rosen.

Order CardioZone™ treadmills or ellipticals Factory Direct today with savings up to 60% by visiting or call toll free at 800.FIT.4LESS or 800.348.4537.

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