Trophy Slots

Trophy Slots

August 01, 2012 14:21 ET

Revolutionary Coin Purchase System in Trophy Slots Delivers Exceptional Value to Players

GIBRALTAR, GIBRALTAR--(Marketwire - Aug. 1, 2012) - Trophy Slots has announced the introduction of a revolutionary new coin purchase system, where players receive more coins from purchases as they progress through to higher levels in the game. A recent survey by Trophy Slots of social games players in more than 25 social games showed that the majority of players that have played a game regularly in Facebook for more than 3 months think they receive less value than they did when they joined the game.

Trophy Slots has launched its new coin purchase system to give more value to players the longer they play the game, thus rewarding its most loyal players.

"We're very excited to announce the introduction of this new system, as it is the first time that any social slots app has increased value for its players in this way. It addresses a problem that is common across all social games; that players are less likely to purchase once they have been playing for an extended period of time."

- John Svensson, Product Manager

Coin packages are designed to enhance the game for players, allowing them to top up their balance and continue playing without having to wait for coin bonuses or gifts from friends. By purchasing coins, users can quickly level up to reach the higher levels, unlocking a range of new games and bonus levels as they progress.

"We have always been committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers and the new coin purchasing system allows us to further reward our most dedicated players. Now, the longer a user stays with the game, the greater value they will receive. This is just another way in which we can continue to deliver an excellent user experience to our VIPs."

- Joey Steel, VIP Manager

The new coin purchase system means that players will receive relevant offers, no matter at what stage they are within the game. Available coin packages are matched to the player's current level, ensuring that each purchase delivers a real and demonstrable enrichment to their gameplay experience.