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DTV Green Dish

May 30, 2012 11:51 ET

Revolutionary Dishtenna, DTV Green Dish, Goes Nationwide to Provide Quality Free Digital TV

New "Breakthrough" Technology Provides What HDTV Antennas Claim but Have Failed to Provide

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - May 30, 2012) - Paying high monthly prices for basic cable? Using a TV Antenna or HDTV Antenna that is providing fewer channels than promised? Well, thanks to the revolutionary Dishtenna® by DTV Green Dish, consumers finally have a means to receive quality free digital TV otherwise only available via basic cable and satellite packages.

"The patented science behind the DTV Green Dish Dishtenna® is what sets it apart from anything else in the marketplace today," said Dan Rivera, CEO of DTV Green Dish and inventor of the Dishtenna®. "The structural design of TV Antennas is what makes them ineffective. My passion for physics led me to think outside the box and create something that no one else had attempted -- a hybrid satellite dish plus antenna. Our patented technology provides a scientific breakthrough that allows us to safely and optimally capture free broadcast television and distribute it up to 8 televisions within a consumer's home or office," added Rivera.

DTV Green Dish has the only 18" HDTV Dishtenna with the power to receive all available broadcasts within an 80-mile radius of where you live from major, local, and independent television networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Univision, Ion, and more -- without ever paying a monthly fee!

This amazing product is 100% legal, 100% safe, and made from environmentally-friendly materials. Furthermore, it's available in multiple colors and can be installed virtually anywhere -- inside, on an interior wall or in the attic; or outside, on your roof or balcony -- making it the ideal option for apartments and condominiums that don't allow satellites installed outdoors.

DTV Green Dish's Dishtenna® is unobtrusive, without ugly rod antennas like HDTV Antennas that can require installation on 30-foot poles or that can break under low wind speeds. It can withstand 100 mph winds, and the signal doesn't go out or fade during the rain like satellites do. Green Dish's professionals utilize state-of-the-art signal meters to ensure optimal installation to receive the clearest picture and the most channels possible, so no repositioning is ever necessary.

Until recently, DTV Green Dish mainly served the South Florida market, but exploding customer demand has prompted the company to offer its HD antenna replacement nationwide for the low one-time payment of $299.

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