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Dynamic Attractions

June 19, 2014 09:00 ET

Revolutionary New Amusement Rides Unveiled in China

The growth of the amusement park industry in Asia draws ride builders from around the world

BEIJING, CHINA--(Marketwired - June 19, 2014) -

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Dynamic Attractions is introducing five innovative, new attractions today at the Asian Attractions Expo in China. The event, occurring for the first time in Beijing, will help fuel the country's rapidly growing amusement industry.

"Dynamic Attractions has built rides on nearly every continent except Antarctica," explains Peter Schnabel, Dynamic Attractions President. "The exploding growth of the industry in Asia makes the Asian Attractions Expo an irresistible location to launch our full product line."

The new product line is expected to be a hit at Asia's largest gathering of amusement park operators. 5,000 attractions industry professionals from 60 countries have flocked to the event.

"This year's event is among the most lively ever seen the Asia-Pacific region," states IAAPA President and CEO Paul Noland. "It's packed with a wide array of international manufacturers and suppliers." The event sold-out two months ago and set a new record for exhibit space.

Dynamic Attractions list of new attractions proves that today's amusement industry has moved far beyond its origins. Today's amusement park goers want attractions that deliver 'experiences.'

"We focus on making the rider feel like they are in the middle of an adventure movie, surrounded by sights and sounds that are as thrilling as the ride itself," explains Peter Schnabel, Dynamic Attractions President.

All of the company's new attractions rely heavily on advanced media. They are:

  • Flying Theatre™ - A theatre that flips up, suspending riders in air as they 'ride' a movie.
  • Immersive Transporter - A full sensory experience that is so powerful, riders feel they are traveling on an amazing adventure.
  • Trackless Ride Vehicle - A nimble, 4-12 passenger vehicle that zips forward, sideways, vibrates, and turns on a dime.
  • Circumotion Theatre™ - A massive round motion base theatre that lifts, tilts, drops and rotates inside a full dome immersive environment.
  • SFX Coaster™ - A combination roller coaster and dark ride that creates thrills through advanced track engineering and high-tech media.

"All our dynamic media based attractions place the rider in the middle of a thrilling experience," adds Schnabel. "It feels like magic to them." The illusion is made possible by the synchronicity of new projection technologies, advanced sound and precision engineering.

About Dynamic Attractions

Many of the most popular rides at the world's largest amusement parks have been engineered, fabricated and/or built by Dynamic Attractions and its sister company, Dynamic Structures. In addition to working with theme parks to develop rides, Dynamic Attractions provides a line of five rides, from family-style to thrillers. Both companies are subsidiaries of Empire Industries Ltd. (TSX Venture Exchange: EIL).

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