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March 01, 2012 08:00 ET

Revolutionary Science Brings Back Olympic Hopes

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Mar 1, 2012) - Therapy Cells, Inc. (OTCBB: TCEL) announces the following.

Two years ago, "Angeli," a horse from Southern California, was facing retirement or at worst euthanasia as his career as a contender at the 2012 Olympic Games was in tatters. Just the previous weekend, he and his International Rider and Trainer, Harley Brown of Australia, had been unable to compete in a major Californian Show, as the previously Grand Prix level show jumper could not jump even the lowest of jumps.

Then a phone call was made to an internationally acclaimed Veterinarian and Scientist who travels around the world as an International Consultant from New Zealand.

Three days later, Dr Patrick Casey arrived with his ultrasound machine and after examining "Angeli," he proceeded to give Harley the heartbreaking news. "Sorry mate but he's torn his hind tendon badly, sort of shredded it!' explained Dr Casey.

Tendon injuries can be career ending for horses: only 5 to 15 percent of those with damaged tendons will ever make it back to competition. Dr Casey, whose reputation had preceded him, then explained a revolutionary new tendon treatment that had already been shown to get 85% of the torn tendon horses back to full competition. This treatment takes approximately 100 tendon cells from the injured horse without causing any harm to the patient. Using a patented procedure, 20 to 40 million tendon cells are then grown in an incubator and transplanted back to the site of injury. Harley Brown and "Angeli's" owner Mark Harryman knew that unless they had a go, all hope was lost and they may have to bury their pride and joy! They decided to go for the revolutionary treatment.

In 2011, Dr Casey set up a public company in the USA -- Therapy Cells, Inc. (TCEL on the OTC Market).

This exciting Bio Tech/Med tech Company holds the exclusive technology that allows adult cells from a specific tissue (e.g. Achilles tendon) to grow again from an individual to enact repair and regeneration of that tissue, effectively by-passing the need for Stem Cell Treatment.

Therapy Cells, Inc. has developed a novel and highly efficient method of growing tendons and articular cartilage for auto transplantation into injured horses or people. Of real interest to veterinarians worldwide is the clinical success in horses. Sixty-six horses have been treated with Therapy cells to date. The data accumulated from horses will ultimately have direct application to FDA approval for human use.

Therapy Cells revolutionary science dispenses with the traditional notion that cells cannot divide once they are fully mature. Dr Casey has shown that adult cells, given the right environment, can be induced to divide in the laboratory. These newly grown cells can then be put back into damaged tissue in the body, to enact tissue and organ healing.

This revolutionary science dispenses with the traditional notion that cells cannot divide once they are fully mature. Dr Casey has shown that adult cells, given the right environment, can in fact divide and be grown in the laboratory. These new cells can then be used for transplantation back to damaged tissue in the body, to enact tissue and organ healing.

The fairy tale continues for "Angeli" as not only was his shredded tendon healed, he is on the squad and has a chance to be selected to jump at the London Olympics for Australia with Harley Brown. "We just could not have ever imagined how well this science works," said Brown. "I have never heard of a horse coming back from this injury, let alone being competitive at the highest level, it's just like a dream."

In late March, the team (Casey, Brown and Harryman) will be reunited in Wellington, Florida, where "Angeli's" American preparation will end and he will fly to Europe for more pre Olympic trialing. It is fair to say that Dr Casey "wouldn't miss it for the world and considering where I come from wouldn't mind a cold one to celebrate."

"With a growing level of trial success in horses, Therapy Cells' target is to gain FDA approval, and in short order has direct application for human tendon repair," Dr Casey says. "An initial valuation of $30 million USD for our science and technology has been appraised. FDA approval for clinical use of this technology in the Human, will likely increase this factor by at least 10 times."

For further information Dr Casey can be contacted at,, and Facebook: Therapy Cells

*Dr Casey is a Veterinary graduate from Massey University (BVSc, 1988, at the age of 21), and graduate from the University of California in 1992 with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Comparative Pathology). During his time in the United States he also completed an Equine Surgical Internship at Hagyard-Davidson and McGee, Lexington, Kentucky, followed by a three year residency program in Equine Reproduction, with a minor in Equine Medicine at UC Davis. In 1992, 1993, and 1994 he received a post-doctoral fellowship from the Equine Research Laboratory at the University of California, which allowed him to set up with the late, world renowned, Professor Liggins at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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