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April 16, 2007 10:01 ET

Revolutionary Time- and Money-Saving Benchmarking Tool Helps National Companies Compete

SOAR to Strategic Excellence™, The Corporate Body Scan™

CLEVELAND, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 16, 2007 -- For years, management consulting firms have offered manufacturing, distribution, construction, retail and service industry companies three-to-six week examinations that are not only expensive but time consuming, and often disruptive to a company's culture.

Now, there's a cost- and time-effective program, SOAR to Strategic Excellence™, The Corporate Body Scan™ that in less than eight hours:

--  Provides a quantified snapshot of a company's health and potential for
--  Creates a wealth of ideas to increase profits;
--  Provides an early warning system;
--  Creates a benchmarking tool;
--  Creates a path to focus on issues and develop actions to meet those
--  Fosters management buy-in and a spirit of teambuilding; and
--  Provides a tool to help businesses better compete.
SOAR to Strategic Excellence™, The Corporate Body Scan™ is the patent-pending brainchild of nationally renown turn-around expert and author, Larry Goddard, president of Cleveland's The Parkland Group. According to Mr. Goddard, SOAR to Strategic Excellence™ is a methodology that enables a company to take a hard look at itself, and begin the process of taking strategic actions. "It is like an MRI of a business that allows companies to quantifiably see how they are performing and what they can do to improve," explains SOAR's creator. "It is delivered in a cost-effective, one-day program that provides immediate profit improvement opportunities, while enhancing teamwork and employee buy-in. At the end of the SOAR process, the company receives their SOARcard™, a detailed report that establishes business enhancement opportunities and improvement goals that becomes a benchmark to measure and evaluate both performance and potential.

"With US companies being squeezed by increased costs, aggressive competitors and relentless customer demands," said Goddard, "it is imperative to know how your company is performing in all key areas, and what you can do to gain a competitive edge. The companies that have used SOAR to Strategic Excellence™ have all achieved huge benefits -- in very short time periods -- including Chardon Rubber Company, General Chemical Industrial Products and Landmark Plastic Corporation."

Marian K. De Voe, president and chief operating officer, Chardon Rubber Company says of SOAR, "We finished the day with a clear consensus about the strengths and weaknesses of our business. The scorecard gives us direction on prioritizing the activities necessary to improve on our shortcomings. The process brings into focus those things that seem to be left behind when we allow outside influences to direct us rather than taking control of our destiny." She goes on to say, "SOAR pointed the way to increase our margins by $1 million in less than one year. We wish we had done this sooner."

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