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Accio Energy, Inc.

September 15, 2010 07:30 ET

Revolutionary Wind Energy Company Accio Energy, Inc. Adds CEO

Jennifer Baird Brings Track Record of Successfully Commercializing Transformational Technologies to Start-Up That Captures Wind Energy Without the Use of Turbines

ANN ARBOR, MI--(Marketwire - September 15, 2010) -  Accio Energy, Inc., an early stage alternative energy company, today announced that Jennifer Baird, until recently President and CEO of Accuri Cytometers, Inc., is joining the company as Chief Executive Officer. Accio Energy is developing its revolutionary Aerovoltaic™ technology that converts wind directly into usable energy without the use of turbines, greatly reducing production costs while allowing placement of energy-generating facilities close to where they are needed. Ms. Baird will work with Accio co-founder, President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Dawn White to drive Accio's next stage of growth and development. Ms. Baird will join Dr. White on the company's Board of Directors.

"Under Dawn's innovative leadership, Accio Energy has made tremendous progress developing its revolutionary turbine-less wind energy technology in just a few years time. I am delighted to now welcome Jennifer Baird to our team to help us grow to the next level. Jen successfully built venture-backed technology company Accuri Cytometers into a global commercial success, and her strong track record combined with Dawn's technical creativity bode very well for the future of Accio Energy," said Mary Campbell, Accio Energy's Chairman of the Board.

Accio Energy is developing a novel electrohydrodynamic approach to renewable wind energy generation that employs silent, stationary flat panels and charged water mist to harvest wind energy. Its Aerovoltaic generators use wind energy to separate charged water particles and create an electric current without the use of moving parts, greatly reducing both cost and noise. The Aerovoltaic systems allow for centralized power conditioning that is ground rather than tower-based, providing ease of installation and maintenance. The modular systems are also flexible, allowing customers to combine the modules to install grid-integrated generation capacity appropriate to their needs.

"Jen's proven leadership in successfully commercializing transformational technologies will be invaluable as our groundbreaking approach to harnessing wind energy rapidly evolves towards a fully realized commercial product," said Dr. White. "I believe her expertise in raising funds, developing partnerships and building global commercial capabilities will be a key contributor to our continued success. I look forward to working in partnership with Jen to apply our complementary skill sets and perspectives to building this exciting business and realizing its potential to change the world of alternative energy generation."

Ms. Baird noted, "A great team that is creatively solving tough technology problems to capitalize on a tremendous market need can be a winning combination. Accio Energy represents one of those rare opportunities, and I am thrilled to join this highly talented team. I look forward to working closely with Dawn to continue to build the company's momentum in addressing a market with so much commercial potential for providing clean, renewable, sustainable energy to millions of people around the globe."

From 2005 to 2010, Ms. Baird was President and CEO of Accuri Cytometers, a rapidly growing company developing and marketing breakthrough life science products for research and clinical use. Ms. Baird co-founded Accuri and led the company from inception through development and commercialization. She raised over $30 million in venture equity and debt funding and achieved more than $10 million in sales, a global reach and near-profitability in just five years' time. Previously, Ms. Baird was a key member of the senior management team at Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc., a technology development firm focused on using micro-electromechanical systems for medical and scientific sensing applications. Earlier in her career, as a Vice President at Keane Consulting Group, she managed over $10 million in projects and helped the firm quintuple in size to over 150 staff. Ms. Baird began her career in commercial banking. She received her MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, where she shared Top-of-Class honors, and a BA degree from the University of Michigan.

Accio Energy's Aerovoltaic generators use stationary flat panels and charged water mist to harvest wind energy. Flat, translucent panels, composed primarily of engineered tubes, will supply charge to the air in modular configurations sized from 5kW to 20kW. Customers will be able to combine the modules to install grid-integrated generation capacity up to and beyond 1MW.

Founded in 2007, Accio Energy is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To date it has secured $2 million in funding and contracts to develop its turbine-less wind technology. To learn more about Accio Energy, visit

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Accio Energy, Inc. is developing electrohydrodynamic systems that directly convert wind energy to electricity. Accio Energy's Aerovoltaic™ systems are designed to produce low-cost, silent, stationary and modular electricity from wind energy -- an abundant, freely available natural resource. Ideal locations for the systems include sites in close proximity to communities and offshore locations. To learn more, visit

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