January 06, 2011 13:27 ET

Revolutionary Wrinkle Treatment Reverses the Process of Aging

"Hydroxatone®, Claiming to Be the World's Most Advanced Wrinkle Cream and a True Botox Alternative Boasts All Natural Ingredients Making it Unlike Any Other Skin Cream You have Ever Seen"

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Jan. 6, 2011) -

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According to independent studies, Hydroxatone®, overshadows the majority of skin care products currently available on the market through the use of four uniquely matched ingredients, all critical to the results achieved after application.

These recent studies have shown clinically proven results when combining all four ingredients, helping 9 out of 10 women achieve a smoother and younger complexion, both reversing the aging process and showing an active decrease of over 70% of facial wrinkles.

This report underscores the steady increase both in popularity and demand for anti-wrinkle creams in recent years. The success people have found using Hydroxatone®, which can be seen at is a testimonial to the effectiveness of the 4 vital ingredients that are combined within its composite.

Matrixyl™ the key ingredient was originally created to promote collagen production in the skin.

Results after prolonged use of Matrixyl™ include:

  • Promotion of collagen production by 35%

  • 45% decrease in deep wrinkles

  • 37% decrease in the appearance of wrinkle density

The second ingredient, Argireline packs the real anti-wrinkle punch. This consists of a unique combination of amino acids specially formulated to relax facial wrinkles and slow down any future development of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid is the third ingredient used by Hydroxatone® and is literally unmatched in its ability to properly hydrate the skin. Hyaluronic acid works by retaining the water in the skin, providing increased smoothness and softness which combat wrinkles and dryness.

The fourth crucial ingredient is SPF which protects your skin from the UVA & UVB rays which the sun emits. The sun is the single largest cause of wrinkles and early signs of aging, as well as many ailments. SPF prevents this from happening by powerfully shielding the skin.

And so through a powerful combination of both preventative and pre-emptive therapy, Hydroxatone® revitalizes the skin, reversing the aging process, reducing wrinkles to baby smooth skin.

In order to get the word out on the availability of this product Hydroxatone® are currently offering a limited time 'try before you buy' promotion to the first 100 new customers for you to experience for yourself the same clinically proven anti-wrinkle cream others have been using with so much success .

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