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July 13, 2015 09:15 ET

Rewind -- Mobile Storytelling Application -- Released With Major Updates Transforming Photo Sharing

Users Can Easily Create Shareable GIFs for Facebook, SMS or Email

ENCINITAS, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 13, 2015) - NumberStation, Inc. today announced major enhancements to its recently launched Rewind, a new mobile social networking platform that allows users to share and experience an individual's most recent 24 hours through visual narratives. Now Rewinders can turn photos of their day into a moving picture -- a GIF -- that they can share on Facebook or via SMS or email (Example

Rewind offers a new approach to social networking by providing a quick and easy way to capture, share and view daily happenings -- to tell a story. Users now have a new way to communicate using targeted, personalized and relevant visual content presented in a way people prefer (still or video-like images). A Rewind stream consists of dynamic visual content that creates an experiential and engaging way for people to partake in other people's lives in context.

"We created a way for people to share what they feel, and to express themselves in a fun way," says Rodney Rumford, co-founder for Rewind. "Users post with no fear of oversharing. In fact, with Rewind, the more users post, the better their Rewind becomes and the more people feel they are truly experiencing someone's day as it happens."

Traditional photo sharing applications contain never-ending, disconnected photo streams. Rewind makes frequency of photo sharing relevant and engaging -- current photos and text replace stale 24-hour old posts. Rewinders decide how much and how often to share, and within the application viewers control "consumption" (sliding back and forth through friends' Rewinds and revisiting Rewinds throughout the day) and "engagement" (pausing to comment or like posts).

Disrupting the mobile photo sharing industry is Rewind's newest enhancement that lets users export their entire Rewind stream or parts of it to create a shareable GIF. "With Rewind, users become storytellers with photos or moving stories created by stringing together single images," says Anthony Duca, co-founder & CEO. "What's really powerful is Rewind's ability to compress time and consumption in a way that no other photo sharing or video application allows. Users view what they want as quickly or as slowly as they want. Bringing this capability to the mobile market is a game changer."

How Rewind Works and What's New
After its invitation-only beta test, Rewind 1.0 opened to a public beta on April 24, 2015 in an unprecedented step available simultaneously for both iOS devices and the Apple Watch. Within the first day, the application became one of the top 10 highlighted social networking applications in the Apple Watch App Store. It quickly made appearances at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, The Startup Conference in Redwood City, and at the AWS Activate Startup Pitch event in Austin where Rewind won audience favorite.

Rewind v1.3 includes new features and enhancements designed to improve the user experience. These include:

  • Invite and find process - easily find or invite people from your address book
  • Explore - find people near you, view featured Rewinders or events
  • Camera - improved zoom, focus and speed; pinch to zoom and swipe down to un-zoom; swipe up to capture and send a photo in one motion; hold the Rewind button for "rapid fire mode" for stop motion or time-lapse effects
  • Photo optimization - photos load more quickly
  • Navigation - slide or tap Rewind bar to quickly and easily move through timelines
  • Loves - see who loved posts, double tap to love
  • Mentions - tag people in a post or comment, and if you follow them simply type @ and their name to autofill
  • Text and emoji - enhance photos with the addition of text and emojis, or tell a story with text-only posts
  • Notification - double tap a user's name to Ping them
  • New on-boarding demo

Interesting Facts

  • Rewind users spend 53% more time (49 sec/session) on Rewind than users of other social networking applications (average of 32 sec/session)
  • Rewind has 70% more daily active user sessions than average social applications
  • 60% of active Rewind users post 8-9 times/day

Availability and Compatibility
Rewind is available now as a free download. It requires iOS 7.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. An Android application is in development.

About Rewind
Rewind is a social networking platform for sharing and experiencing an individual's most recent 24 hours through visual narratives. This unique sharing paradigm is designed for connectedness and avoids the noise associated with traditional never-ending social media feeds. Instantly and in real-time, users create, distribute, engage, and discover personal visual content -- images and texts -- that disappears after 24 hours. Rewind provides a spontaneous, fun and effortless way for users to connect one-on-one by sharing "all the things" in their life with the people who matter most. Download from Follow us on Facebook at and Twitter @getrewind.

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