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Rey Interactive

September 19, 2011 10:52 ET

Rey Interactive Protecting Jobs by Using Only US-Based Freelancers

Provides Competitive Alternative to Advertising Industry Notorious for Outsourcing to Foreign Nations

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 19, 2011) - Rey Interactive, a Los Angeles and New York-based digital production company, today announced a new service called Rey-Sourcing that promises to offer companies another option for digital production to the technology companies they can get overseas, but also save jobs by only assigning work to US-based freelancers.

"Today, more and more US companies are outsourcing large portions of their digital work to other countries overseas because these countries offer skilled, lower-cost labor. This is happening at the expense of US jobs. At Rey Interactive, we charge a fair rate that is competitive to overseas shops and give work to skilled local talent," says AJ Vernet, CEO and Co-Founder of Rey Interactive. "Over the last 10 years, US companies have attempted to cut costs and increase production by using off-shore resources and now the US is paying the price with high unemployment, especially of technically skilled and talented workers. We are curating a roster of thousands of skilled, experienced digital media production designers and developers who are all locally based. Plus, we're helping create jobs for a ton of talented and local designers and developers, which most of them are ex-agency talent, so they are familiar with the process."

The online ad market is projected to jump to over $77 billion, exceeding TV ad spending, by 2016, according to a recent Forrester study. That means more digital work, and more jobs for people who can supply design and development work. But the recent trend is for many companies to outsource the digital production work that will support this market growth to off-shore locations such as India, Argentina, Brazil and China. Dell and HP offshore large portions of their digital work and Razorfish recently announced a service centered in South and Central America that helps US CMOs launch websites and digital marketing campaigns.

With Rey-Sourcing workers can focus on tasks that appeal to their production strengths. Rey can breakdown a project using in-house technology and parcel it out to more than one designer or developer, thus saving their clients time and money. Local sourcing is quickly becoming a more effective way of doing business as it cuts down on a lot of lag time and miscommunication that takes extended periods of time when one uses overseas or offshore resources.

"The reason Rey is successful is we flipped the traditional agency and staffing model on its side and started over. By acting as the sales, customer service and project management arm, Rey offers their customers quality control, customer service, and consultation at an affordable rate so they can apply their solution to more technologically challenging jobs," says Josh Zitter, President and Co-Founder of Rey Interactive. "Our resources are available 24/7, at scalable prices, and with customer service, knowledge and experience in this market that can't be matched by an off-shore group of workers in another country. We bring in a consultative approach and actually do it more efficiently and better quality in the long run."

"Having the team at Rey Interactive as my production partner and consultant allows my company to take on large jobs without incurring too much overhead. In addition, their scalable process allows me to expand my services and take on additional work," says Peter Hathaway, Founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Blue Door Films. "Over the 5 day event at the 2011 E3 video game conference, Rey managed all of our digital needs while assisting in the planning and delivery of multiple Live Streaming Events to millions of viewers. Working with Rey Interactive is amazing for my company, they are a strategic partner that allows me to pay for the portions of the project I need help on, and deliver the cutting edge products my clients demand."

Rey Interactive ( has been in business for over 2 years revenues growing 250% year over year, and has completed more than 1,000 projects. With a stable of more than 500 (and growing) vetted, professional, and experienced developers and designers in its repertoire, Rey is quickly pioneering a new way to execute top quality work in the changing digital advertising world.

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