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December 19, 2011 17:40 ET

RezGen5 Delivers Advanced Anti-Aging Performance

BIRMINGHAM, AL--(Marketwire - Dec 19, 2011) - Anti-Ageing North America LLC dba NeoMedigen, a biopharmaceutical & life science company focused on discovering and developing DNA repair therapies to treat diseases of aging, announced today that it completed comprehensive pre-clinical studies on its patented, water soluble, bio-active nutrient RezGen5™.

Philip White, NeoMedigen Managing Partner, said, "We are excited these important pre-clinical tests demonstrate the remarkable versatility of RezGen5™ as a proactive agent against aging. RezGen5 has synergistic modes of cellular action at non-toxic levels by the oral, intravenous or subcutaneous routes of administration; this is definitely not the next berry of the month."

RezGen5™ was tested with Brunswick Labs ORAC5.0™, which measures antioxidant capacity of substances against five primary radicals. "This panel of ORAC assays provides the most comprehensive assessment of antioxidant capacity commercially available," White explains. "These radicals are all dangerous and unique, and it is valuable to know how RezGen5™ performs against each of them."

RezGen5™ has an ORAC5.0 value greater than 138,000 per gram1. It achieved a result greater than 20,000 per gram in the well-known ORAC peroxyl assay as well as the highest reported results against hydroxyl and singlet oxygen. "Overall, RezGen5™ delivers unmatched, broad-spectrum antioxidant protection compared to other high-performance active ingredients," White states.

RezGen5™ was also tested with a panel of pre-clinical assays which indicate a range of beneficial mechanisms. It demonstrated the ability to inhibit inflammation by 60%, inhibit glycolysis by 40%, increase neuron protection by 37% and to reduce & inhibit free radicals by greater than 50%. In skin cells, it scavenged 57% of UVA/UVB generated radicals.

"NeoMedigen is advancing a new class of innovative therapeutics for diseases of aging. Most anti-aging products have at least one of the following mechanisms of action: Inflammation, Immunity, DNA repair, Nutrition, hydration, or Oxidative stress. Active ingredients rarely have all of these known modes of action present in RezGen5™," said Dr. Ronald Pero, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of NeoMedigen. Dr. Ronald W. Pero has had academic appointments at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center/PMI Strang Clinic in New York City.

RezGen5™ is available for beverages, supplements, functional food, and dermatology/cosmetic.

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1 All ORAC results are reported in mmoles TE per gram.

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