July 13, 2010 15:08 ET

RFaxis Announces Shipment of Innovative Field-Confined Multiple Resonance Antennas

RFaxis Delivers Total RF System Solutions for Wireless

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - July 13, 2010) -  RFaxis, a fabless semiconductor and antenna company focusing on innovative, next-generation solutions for the wireless and connectivity markets, today announced commercial shipment of its patented RF Front-end Antenna Technology (RFeAT) solutions, which include:

  • Embedded antennas optimally matched with RFaxis' innovative RFeIC (RF Front-end IC) chips to provide the highest efficiency RF front-end solutions for wireless.
  • Standalone Wi-Fi high gain and wide band booster antennas to extend the range of wireless networks and devices.

"Our RFeIC chips clearly deliver best-in-class RF front-end performance and pricing for customers seeking only an RF front-end solution," said Mike Neshat, president and CEO of RFaxis. "However, there are major customers that have also come to us for a total optimized RF system solution comprised of the RF front-end and antenna. Given that the RF front-end and antenna are pure complements for any wireless devices, one needs to be designed with respect to the other to achieve optimal RF system performance. RFaxis is truly unique in that we are the only company with both RF front-end and antenna expertise, and by leveraging both concurrently, we are undeniably changing the RF game."

"Without the antenna, you simply can't have 'wireless,' and to maximize the RF performance of any wireless device, the antenna must be properly matched with the RF front-end and tuned to the device form-factor," explains Dr. Ping Peng, RFaxis' COO and VPGM. "Our advanced embedded antenna solutions are based on an innovative Field-Confined Multiple Resonance technology, upon which the impedance of our embedded antennas are optimally matched with the impedance of our RFeIC chips, thereby resulting in a truly synchronized RF system. With over 10 antenna patents pending, our cost-effective, low-profile embedded antenna solutions have garnered major design wins based on compelling figures of merit that include an exceptionally high gain and excellent return loss, ultra wide-band (min -15dB RL in-band) performance and polarization diversity with high isolation for MIMO applications. Furthermore, we have a design service model in place through which we will tune our embedded antenna solutions to form-factor of specific wireless devices for high volume applications."

Dr. Peng continues, "Our standalone high gain and wide band antenna products are based on the same technology foundation as our embedded antennas, but are designed specifically as external devices to boost wireless signals. For example, our super high gain Wi-Fi booster antenna with its compact form factor can boost wireless signals and overcome weak or dead spots in the home or business by simply attaching the antenna via a USB connection to a wireless server (router, access point, bridge, etc.) or wireless device (desktop computer, laptop, gaming console, etc.). These booster antennas will be sold directly to the consumer through third party retailers globally."

About RFaxis, Inc.

Incorporated in January 2008, RFaxis, Inc. is an Irvine, California-based company specializing in the design and development of RF semiconductors and antenna solutions. With its patent pending technologies, the company leads the way in next-generation wireless solutions designed for the multibillion dollar Bluetooth, WLAN, 802.11n/MIMO, ZigBee, WiMAX, and WHDI markets. Leveraging pure CMOS and BiCMOS technology in conjunction with its own innovative approach and technology, RFaxis is home to the world's first RF Front-end Integrated Circuit (RFeIC). More information can be found at:

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