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March 15, 2005 09:21 ET

RheoGene Inc. and Genomatix Corporation Sign Agreement to Provide RheoSwitch™ System Custom Vectors

Genomatix Now Offers Custom Vectors With a RheoSwitch™ System Gene Regulation Option

NORRISTOWN, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 15, 2005 -- RheoGene Inc. announced today that it has granted a non-exclusive worldwide license to Genomatix Corporation (Roanoke, VA) to produce custom DNA vectors that incorporate RheoGene's RheoSwitch™ inducible gene regulation technology.

The agreement also grants RheoGene non-exclusive rights to use the Genomatix UltraVector™ production system for RheoGene's ongoing research and development of advanced gene regulation technologies and therapeutic products.

The RheoSwitch™ system enables researchers to control the initiation and duration of gene expression, an increasingly important aspect of characterizing and modulating the effects of both naturally occurring and synthetic genes. This agreement will provide the research community with ready access to RheoSwitch™ system custom vectors that Genomatix will build-to-order based on researcher requirements.

"We are very impressed with the modular architecture and rapid combinatorial assembly process of the Genomatix UltraVector™ production system," said Tom Tillett, President and CEO of RheoGene. "Their approach helps address the challenge of studying and validating different gene regulation strategies across a wide spectrum of applications. Genomatix' capabilities add an important dimension to the growing list of 3rd party technologies and services that incorporate the RheoSwitch™ system."

"We are very pleased to offer the RheoSwitch™ system as part of our vector production services," said Robert Beech, CEO of Genomatix. "Our primary specialty involves the custom design and assembly of subcellular modulation vectors. With the addition of the RheoSwitch™ technology, our research customers now have the option to constrain the timing and duration of subcellular modulation of gene expression. We believe the combined specificity of spatial and temporal modulation will help researchers discover and validate new and less toxic therapeutic targets and strategies."

RheoSwitch™ inducible gene expression technology precisely regulates the timing and level of transgene expression in eukaryotic cells through highly specific interaction of RheoChem™ ligand inducers with RheoCept™ protein receptors. The RheoSwitch™ system features tight regulation, rheostatic control, and an expression range from complete 'off' to maximal levels equivalent to strong viral promoters. RheoChem™ ligand RSL-1 and RheoSwitch™ Inducible Gene Regulation System research kits are available exclusively from New England Biolabs (

RheoSwitch™ custom vectors are now available from Genomatix for incorporation into the Genomatix UltraVector™ production system.

About RheoGene

RheoGene Inc. is the source of advanced products, applications and technologies that regulate gene expression for the development of safe and effective therapeutics. RheoGene delivers customized inducible gene expression products for pharmaceutical discovery and development, human therapeutics and biotherapeutics production. RheoGene Inc. is a wholly owned affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with operations in Norristown PA and Pittsburgh PA. For more information, visit

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Genomatix Corporation is a flexible manufacturer of custom DNA vectors. The company specializes in the combinatorial assembly of subcellular modulation vectors that cause expression of localized protein inhibitors. Genomatix Corporation is privately held, with primary operations in Roanoke, VA. For more information, visit

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