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May 10, 2005 09:05 ET

RheoGene Inc. Introduces AttSite™ Recombinases

Novel Gene Targeting Products Now Available for Licensing

NORRISTOWN, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 10, 2005 -- RheoGene Inc., a biotechnology developer of products and technologies that regulate gene expression, announces the introduction of AttSite™ Recombinases, novel gene-targeting enzymes that direct site-specific DNA modification in a wide range of organisms. Each enzyme catalyzes the irreversible integration or excision of DNA sequences at specific locations within the genome, with broad applications in functional genomics, transgenics technology, biotherapeutic protein production and stem cell and gene therapy.

"AttSite™ Recombinases represent a new generation of gene-targeting tools for life sciences research and product development," said Thomas Tillett, RheoGene CEO. "Each AttSite™ enzyme recognizes a different DNA sequence, therefore different enzyme combinations can be used to reproducibly introduce multiple genes into the same site in the genome, or into different sites in the same cell. Only RheoGene's AttSite™ platform has this level of precision and flexibility."

"The ability to precisely control where, when and how alterations are made in the genome has been a significant roadblock to studying gene function and understanding the genetic basis of disease," said Alan Russell Ph.D., Director of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Chairman of RheoGene's Scientific Advisory Board. "The ability to make targeted genetic modifications at stable, well-characterized loci is critical to advancing the fields of stem cell and gene therapy, where reliability and reproducibility are essential to creating safe and effective therapeutic products for patients with incurable diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration and Parkinson's Disease."

Nonexclusive research and commercial licenses for AttSite™ Recombinases are available from RheoGene.

The AttSite™ Recombinase program was supported in part by a NIST-ATP grant awarded to RheoGene in 2001.

RheoGene's two current platforms, RheoSwitch® inducible gene expression technology and AttSite™ Recombinases, offer targeted, regulated solutions to accelerate pharmaceutical development from discovery to the clinic. The RheoSwitch® system features tight gene regulation, rheostatic control, and an expression range from complete 'off' to maximal levels equivalent to strong viral promoters.

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