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March 18, 2015 08:00 ET

RIA Match and AmplifyRIA Launch New Financial Adviser Deal-Making Service

VIENNA, VA--(Marketwired - March 18, 2015) -

  • RIA Match Concierge Consulting is a premium service that combines a technology platform with expert M&A consulting services for RIAs that are looking to buy, sell, merge, join or add advisers
  • RIA Match proprietary adviser matching platform utilizes unique algorithms to align key indicators and motivators of interested parties
  • AmplifyRIA offers in-depth consulting and counsel to RIAs during the process

AmplifyRIA, a Boston based independent consulting firm, and adviser matching service RIA Match, have teamed to create RIA Match Concierge Consulting (RMCC) -- a new service which combines the technology platform with expert M&A consulting for RIAs that are looking to buy, sell, merge, join or add advisors. Matching firms and advisers in this industry requires a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of independent advisory community. RMCC provides the level of expertise and guidance needed to achieve rewarding and enduring outcomes. The technology supports the scale needed to host a strong pool of top RIA firms, while consulting experts navigate the engagement from initial introduction to completion.

RMCC enables advisers to crystalize their vision, goals and action plans through a guided experience with skilled consultants who balance qualitative criteria with quantitative metrics to find "optimal" matches. Although relevant, hyper focus on revenue multiple or sales price of any deal results in misguided emphasis on those metrics. Philosophy and culture are just as important to the success of the deal.

"Concierge Consulting offers advisers a unique combination of services at a value price point that is needed in today's marketplace. Many RIA Match subscribers have asked for a more comprehensive solution in addition to the self-serve platform," said CEO and founder of RIA Match, Mary Ann Buchanan.

RMCC offers the following benefits for clients:

  • Clarity, purpose and confidence: Educate about RIA M&A Landscape and expectations; dispel misinformation and/or unreasonable aspirations
  • Convenience and Efficiency: Orchestrate the entire match relationship process from start to finish, including advisor introductions and engagement
  • Increased probability and likely satisfaction of a match: Access to the largest existing platform of RIA candidates, including more than 2000 advisers 
  • An anonymous platform: Whether buyer, or seller, seeking to merge or join a firm, RMCC honors client anonymity and tightly bounds sensitive company information

"Buying, selling, joining or merging with an advisory firm is a defining professional moment. We understand the gravity of that decision and the impact it will likely have," said Kathleen Asack, Founder and Principal of AmplifyRIA. "We take great pride in maximizing the opportunity for our clients as well the experience."

RMCC is available to financial advisers of any size from any channel. For more information about RMCC, please visit

About RIA Match Concierge Consulting (RMCC)

RIA Match Concierge Consulting (RMCC) is the premier resource for RIAs that are looking to buy, sell, merge, join or add advisors by offering an unparalleled service that couples a sophisticated technology platform with the best of expert M&A consulting. RMCC is an exclusive fully integrated and efficient personalized experience offered for advisors of all types. RMCC aims to empower advisors through clarity, purpose, and confidence. As a result, our advisors are delivered strategically optimal and enduring matches. RMCC is the combination of two proven RIA providers and unites the service driven strategy of AmplifyRIA with the innovative technology of RIA Match.

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