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January 07, 2011 11:34 ET

Richard Clark of Primus UK-His Origins

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 7, 2011) - Richard Clark of Primus UK had an acute case of wanderlust when he finished his studies in his native Australia. Sure that he didn't want to enter the rat race, as soon as he finished his Business Accounting course he decided to indulge his passion for surfing and set off to places such as Japan and Portugal, Indonesia and America.

After a few years Richard realised he needed to settle down a little, so he started working for an IT company that wrote time recording and accounting software. From working in the support department he was promoted to manager and started going into consultancy. It was at this stage, however, that he started to realise that the opportunity for progression was really limited. As he says himself:

"It is that way in most companies because promotion is dependent on somebody else leaving."

After 4 years at the same company he became frustrated that he wasn't able to achieve his goals so he started his own web design business in Portugal. Soon it dawned on him that there was a real need to balance the creative side of the business with the more pragmatic side in which he excelled.

"I realised that although there are a lot of brilliantly creative people out there, they sometimes need to team up with somebody like me to manage accounts and handle clients."

Looking back now as the owner of Primus UK it is quite ironic that Richard actually hired somebody else to do the sales and marketing because he assumed that he would never be able to it having had no experience of it himself.

A few years later Richard moved to England and it was at this time that he saw an ad for Outsourcing Sales saying that he could start immediately. This was all the motivation he needed and despite knowing very little about the industry, Richard decided he would give it a go and the foundations for Primus UK were laid.

Richard is 38 now and for a long time felt it hard to settle but it is clear that the industry has treated him well and that he finally has a business that can keep him rooted.

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