Richard W. DeVries

November 28, 2007 19:19 ET

Richard DeVries: Clarification of Contemplated Internal Reorganisation

FREEPORT, THE BAHAMAS--(Marketwire - Nov. 28, 2007) - Mr. Richard DeVries (Chairman of the Board of Pacific Lottery Corporation and a control block shareholder) provides clarification respecting the "Notice to Distribute" (the "Notice") of up to 4,755,556 million common shares of Pacific Lottery Corporation (the "Corporation") filed on November 27th 2007.

The Notice was given in contemplation of certain internal reorganizations of Mr. DeVries personal affairs. The finalization of this internal reorganization has not yet occurred. In fact, due to re-consideration of certain taxation matters, this contemplated internal reorganization will not presently occur.

The Notice contemplated the possible disposition of the shares of After Dawn Limited; a company wholly owned by Mr. DeVries, which itself owns the subject 4,755,556 million common shares of the Corporation.

Due to Mr. DeVries status as a control block shareholder of the Corporation, any share transfers made by Mr. DeVries are subject to special securities laws and regulations requiring, amongst other things, notice to be given prior to any such share transfers. The issuance of the Notice was in compliance with these applicable securities laws and regulations.

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