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June 29, 2011 16:00 ET

Richmond Heights Veterinarian Is First in the Area With a Class IV Laser

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, OH--(Marketwire - Jun 29, 2011) - Richman Animal Clinic in Richmond Heights recently acquired a Class IV laser therapy machine for treating pets suffering from a number of painful conditions. This makes it the first veterinary hospital near Lyndhurst in northeastern Ohio to offer this type of laser treatment to area pets. A number of studies have shown that laser therapy can offer both human and animal patients relief from several types of injuries. In animals, the treatment is often used to relieve back and joint pain, hot spots, surgical wounds, disc problems, sprains and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears.

Dr. Jeffery A Richman, veterinarian and owner of Richman Animal Clinic, explained some of the ways in which a class IV laser differs from lower levels of laser therapy: "A class IV laser is able to penetrate deeper into injured tissues than a class III laser, and also treats a wider area of tissue. We calibrate the laser to be very precise when directed at a certain injury area. It's a non-invasive form of treatment that significantly reduces recovery times for animals that have had to have surgery, or are recovering from several different kinds of injuries." So far, the animal clinic has treated pets from Euclid, Highland Heights and Lake County with the laser.

The concentration of laser light at an injury site appears to increase blood circulation and release endorphins, which are natural pain killers. Reports conclude that laser therapy also reduces inflammation and stimulates increased amounts of the hormone ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) at the injury site, which accelerates healing times anywhere from three to five times faster than normal. The action of the laser on injured tissues essentially stimulates healing at a cellular level, speeding up wound healing in a way that more traditional treatments are unable to do.

Dr. Richman reports that about 50% of pets undergoing laser treatment at their veterinary hospital show marked signs of relief after the first treatment, while 70 to 80% of pets seem to respond well after two treatments. After three or four treatments, 90% of pets show signs of significant progress. Usually, the Richmond Heights veterinarian will recommend a course of laser treatments over a specified period of time for this reason.

The veterinary hospital has been using this laser treatment to help animals with all kinds of sprains, strains, tears and recovery from surgical wounds. According to Dr. Richman, the laser treatments can be either steady or pulsed, depending upon the pet's specific injury or condition. In either case, the laser is reported to have reduced inflammation and increased a pet's level of comfort. "We've even had dogs fall asleep during laser treatments on occasion because they've been in pain for a long time, and when they get the laser treatment, the pain starts to dissipate. It's a definite sign that they're feeling better," explains Dr. Richman.

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