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Richmont Mines Inc.

August 24, 2011 08:00 ET

Richmont Updates Final Drilling Results From the Monique Project, Studies Underway to Accelerate Development of this Asset

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Aug. 24, 2011) - Richmont Mines Inc. (TSX:RIC)(NYSE Amex:RIC), ("Richmont" or the "Corporation") is pleased to provide updated drill results from the completed 8,117 metre exploration drill program on the G and J zones of the Monique project (the "Property"), located near Val-d'Or, Quebec.


  • New results obtained from the G Zone include 2.18 g/t Au over 6.69 metres and 2.47 g/t Au over 6.21 metres (true width), and new results obtained from the J Zone include 6.92 g/t Au over 3.30 metres, 3.24 g/t Au over 6.21 metres, and 2.88 g/t Au over 9.16 metres (true width);

  • 2 anomalies previously identified via a 12 km IPower 3D induced polarization survey will be drill tested later this year;

  • 43-101 compliant technical report is expected to be completed in Q4 2011;

  • Geotechnical, geomechanical and hydrogeological studies completed while the environmental assessment study will be completed shortly in preparation for permit application requirements.

Martin Rivard, President and CEO of Richmont Mines commented: "Our 2011 exploration program on Monique has yielded favourable results that further support our goal of assessing the viability for a small open-pit operation. While we plan on carrying out additional drilling on newly identified targets on Monique this fall, our near-term objective is to complete a Regulation 43-101 compliant technical report during the fourth quarter of 2011. Furthermore, a 12 km IPower 3D induced polarization survey was completed, and two identified anomalies will be drill tested later this year."

Drill Results

The 8,117 metre drill program on Monique consisted of 47 holes on the G and J zones, two previously identified gold zones on the Property. New results obtained from the G and J zones are outlined in Tables 1 and 2, respectively, and in the longitudinal sections (see links on next page). Recent results from the G Zone reflect drilling that was conducted at the margins of the zone to define the eastern and western limits of the potential pit.

True Width (metres) Grade(2)
(g/t Au)
Vertical Depth of Intersection (metres)
MO-110-01 147 114.00 117.00 2.67 0.51 86.01
MO-111-01 89 73.80 80.50 5.85 1.52 56.73
MO-124-01 186 143.10 152.80 6.69 2.18 136.89
MO-125-01 110 69.10 76.20 6.21 2.47 55.61
MO-126-01 119 79.50 83.20 2.91 3.07 70.01
MO-127-01 164 122.40 125.40 1.54 2.77 121.94
MO-128-01 131 99.00 101.70 1.86 2.35 92.67
MO-130-01 159 116.10 122.10 3.27 0.56 115.96
MO-130-02 185 156.70 158.30 0.40 0.65 157.24
MO-130-03 165 132.00 136.00 2.36 2.10 131.45
MO-130-06 288 254.40 259.60 3.16 1.39 240.06
Total: 1,743
  1. Please see the Regulation 43-101 at the end of this release for full analysis details.
  2. High values cut at 34.28 g/t Au.

G Zone longitudinal section:

True Width (metres) Grade(5)
(g/t Au)
Vertical Depth of Intersection (metres)
MO-114-03 177 85.70 87.90 1.64 4.45 77.30
120.90 124.70 2.88 3.18(4) 108.80
MO-115-01 234 167.20 173.50 4.54 3.69 155.00
MO-116-05 219 166.90 171.50 3.30 6.92 154.20
MO-120-02 138 66.20 70.60 3.66 2.02 55.50
90.80 94.70 3.26 2.40(4) 75.10
MO-120-03 190 112.00 117.10 3.75 5.28 102.00
MO-120-07 252 154.60 160.80 4.57 4.39 142.30
169.10 175.10 4.45 1.97(4) 155.00
MO-120-08 300 189.00 196.00 4.66 2.02 181.50
MO-124-01 186 101.00 110.70 6.57 2.68 98.20
121.10 134.50 9.16 2.88(4) 118.40
MO-130-06 288 177.40 186.70 6.21 3.24 170.70
Total: 1,984
  1. Please see the Regulation 43-101 at the end of this release for full analysis details.
  2. The J South Zone is a discontinuous zone that is situated between the G and J zones.
  3. High values cut at 34.28 g/t Au.

J Zone longitudinal section:

Project Update

Richmont has completed the necessary geotechnical, geomechanical and hydrogeological studies on the Property in preparation for permit application requirements for this project. In addition, 3,504 metres of condemnation drilling were also completed to evaluate the areas where surface infrastructure is planned. As previously announced, a new gold zone was identified (hole MO-200-02 returned a value of 6.69 g/t Au over 4.40 metres from 51.9 to 56.3 metres) in the central part of the Property during this drilling, an area that will be a priority target for future drilling programs. Richmont also identified two anomalies on the Property via a 12 km IPower 3D induced polarization survey. These anomalies will be drill tested later this year.

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Regulation 43-101

The exploration program was conducted by qualified persons as defined by Regulation 43-101. Specifically, the program was overseen by Mr. Raynald Vincent, Eng., MPM, Chief Exploration Projects, a qualified person as defined by Regulation 43-101, and an employee of Richmont Mines Inc.

The analyses were conducted at the ALS Minerals laboratory in Val-d'Or, Quebec, by means of fire assay fusion with atomic absorption or gravimetric finish.

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