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February 26, 2008 10:56 ET

Ricochet® Infinity Breaks Out of Mold, Breaks Into Retail

MumboJumbo Brings Top Breakout Game to Nationwide Retailers

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - February 26, 2008) - Breakout games got more competitive today as MumboJumbo released Ricochet® Infinity to retailers nationwide. The latest installment in the Ricochet® series from Reflexive® Entertainment offers players near infinite play with over 200 levels built into the game and thousands of additional levels available for download online.

Playing through the Galactic Tournament, challengers must bust bricks, gather gold rings, unlock new ships, and climb the ranks to become the Ringmaster Grand Champion. Ricochet® Infinity sports a number of new, innovative features, like the "recall" ability in which a player can control the ball's movement and call the ball back to the ship.

When launched digitally, Ricochet® Infinity received a warm welcome from game reviewers, scoring four out of five stars at and winning praise for the new power-ups, bonuses, level design and overall game play.

"Ricochet® Infinity gives breakout players the ultimate in value--with a dedicated website that offers literally thousands of additional levels, this is a game that players can enjoy for hours and days on end," said Mark Cottam, CEO of MumboJumbo. "We're proud to bring Reflexive's vision to retail because it's a great product."

"We are excited to partner with MumboJumbo in bringing our most precious IP to retail," said Michael Mei, head of Business Development at Reflexive®. "MumboJumbo's expertise and depth at retail is first rate, and we're thrilled they will be stewarding Ricochet® Infinity onto the retail shelves."

Breakout games were first introduced in the mid 70's with the introduction of the original "Breakout," which was influenced by the popular "Pong" game. Essentially, a ball is hit and bounces across the screen to bust up bricks or other obstacles. The object of these types of games is to clear the bricks from the board while not losing your ball.

Casual games have come a long way since Pong and Breakout, with DFC Intelligence analysts predicting earlier this month that 2008 will be a banner year for casual games and that downloadable, casual PC games are expected to eclipse $2.3 billion in annual sales by 2012.

Ricochet® Infinity retails for $19.99 and will be available at Wal-Mart and other leading retailers throughout North America. The game is rated 'E' for Everyone and is also available at

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Founded in 1997, with one goal in mind, to make great games, Reflexive® Entertainment's passionate focus on game design has led to the creation of many top-selling and award-winning games including the Ricochet® and the Big Kahuna franchises (with over 40 million total downloads) and the 2006 Downloadable Game of the Year, Wik: Fable of Souls. In addition to developing games, Reflexive® has created one of the largest casual game distribution networks in existence with more than 500 affiliates distributing a huge catalog of over 900 games to a rapidly growing audience that downloads millions of games each week.

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