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August 07, 2013 15:25 ET

Right Choice Transfer Addresses Timeshare Industry Consumer Complaints and Warns of Scams

TORRANCE, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 7, 2013) - Right Choice Transfer (RCT), a California timeshare contract transfer company, has turned its attention to exposing fraudulent business practices that are prevalent in the timeshare industry. Clients of Right Choice Transfer have been calling for insight into this matter for years and RCT has taken it upon themselves to inform timeshare owners across the country.

The unfortunate truth about the timeshare industry today is that there is a huge market for scam companies to lead unsuspecting timeshare owners into being swindled. Right Choice Transfer consistently receives complaints and horror stories from their clients regarding other companies scam tactics. These companies imply that the timeshare can be sold for money and ask for an upfront fee to list the timeshare. In many cases, after a successful "sale," the owner is left on the hook for maintenance fees. These are just some of the tactics being employed by companies looking to scam timeshare owners into paying more money out of pocket.

Right Choice Transfer believes that a well-informed public presents the greatest threat to these scam companies' ability to stay in operation. "It's a shame that most timeshare owners are in a situation where this is necessary, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to be aware of these fraudulent practices in the timeshare industry," Remarked Kevin Doolittle, chief client relations officer at Right Choice Transfer. "These scam organizations believe that if somebody fell for buying a timeshare, they'll fall for anything. Don't prove them right."

Right Choice Transfer has been assisting timeshare owners for over a decade in transferring unwanted timeshare contracts out of owner's names. The company was founded out of a need for an easy way out of otherwise restrictive timeshare contracts. An owner who no longer wishes to keep their timeshare often finds that their timeshare no longer has any value in the re-sale market. That, coupled with rising maintenance fees, turns an expensive timeshare investment into a liability. Owners in this situation find relief with title transfer services like the one Right Choice Transfer provides.

Timeshare owners looking for more information can find it on Right Choice Transfers homepage or call toll-free (888) 453-8491.

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