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October 03, 2005 09:00 ET

Right Hemisphere Software Sweeps the U.S. Aerospace and Defense Industry, Serving 9 of the Top 10 Market Leaders

Manufacturers Turn to Right Hemisphere Software to Manage Their Product Graphics, Generate Interactive 3D Training Courseware, and More

FREMONT, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 3, 2005 -- Right Hemisphere®, a leading provider of Product Graphics Management (PGM) software, today announced that its software products are now being used by nine of the top 10 U.S. aerospace and defense companies(1), including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman Corporation. These industry leaders have implemented Right Hemisphere's Deep Server™ enterprise software to efficiently transform their engineering design assets into reusable product graphics for interactive 3D training courseware; interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs); technical publications; and even next-generation wireless maintenance systems for major aircraft assemblies.

"What we have created with our PGM software is a way for manufacturers of all walks of life -- not just aerospace and defense companies -- to do three very key things: extract huge value from existing 3D engineering assets, automate a previously manual process, and manage it all on an enterprise scale," said Michael Lynch, CEO of Right Hemisphere. "This is a triple threat value proposition that has resonated extremely well with our aerospace and defense leaders, who want to be operationally leaner and more competitive."

Right Hemisphere's flagship product, Deep Server, addresses a new category of enterprise software called Product Graphics Management (PGM). PGM integrates CAD/PDM and publishing applications, automates 2D and 3D graphics publishing processes, and manages product graphics in all leading modeling and graphic formats. With Right Hemisphere's solutions, customers leverage existing CAD assets and integrate graphics into leading ERP, DCC or dynamic publishing applications to deliver 2D and 3D graphics throughout the enterprise. These solutions are implemented quickly to automate graphics transformation and authoring, and optimize the graphics publishing process for product communications and support offerings. Supporting over 120 2D and 3D formats, Right Hemisphere's technologies provide a unified repository to easily retrieve data, a searching interface as easy to use as Google®, and a secure and managed environment for proprietary data and access control.

Right Hemisphere has made perhaps its biggest impact to date on training courseware development for aerospace and defense companies. As an industry led by early adopters, several of these companies were looking for cost-effective ways to introduce more interactive 3D content into their courseware to make it more engaging and effective. Traditional processes were largely manual, consuming excessive time and expense. The process of redrawing engineering work also introduced potential inaccuracies due to human error or simply outdated drawings as parts were replaced or redesigned. By integrating with existing CAD systems and automatically transforming the engineering data into useable 3D product graphics for training materials, Right Hemisphere software provided a fast and accurate alternative to traditional courseware development methodology. Companies could now affordably deliver highly interactive 3D courseware, and more realistically simulate an in-flight pilot or maintenance procedure, as it would be in its true, physical form.

In addition to courseware development, Right Hemisphere software has significantly impacted the production process for aircraft technical publications such as service manuals, service bulletins, and illustrated part catalogs. Sharing some of the problems of courseware development -- such as the time, expense, and occasional inaccuracies of manually redrawn engineering renderings -- technical publication organizations also benefited from Right Hemisphere's software automation. Right Hemisphere PGM software allowed them to automatically derive both 2D technical illustrations and lightweight 3D models to depict maintenance procedures using original product CAD data as the source. Furthermore, Deep Server automatically updated these "derivative graphics" as changes were made to the source CAD data. These Deep Server capabilities not only saved additional time and expense, but also ensured that the derivative graphics remained current with the engineered products they represent.

Deep Server PGM software can also enable manufacturers to establish differentiated service offerings. One aerospace manufacturer, for example, used Deep Server to integrate 3D graphics models into its aircraft onboard diagnostics system. Deep Server translated CAD models into optimized engine models that were authored into interactive 3D service procedures. As a result, the manufacturer successfully demonstrated a new competitive support offering that could rapidly diagnose and instruct technicians on needed repairs, thereby decreasing the mean-time-to-repair, and lowering service and maintenance costs.

Though aerospace and defense contractors have been the quickest to recognize the benefits of a PGM solution like Deep Server, automotive and other industrial manufacturers are also rapidly adopting PGM solutions. Automotive manufacturers, for example, are using the software to speed the delivery and drive down the cost of creating compelling 3D product graphics for ads, videos and other marketing multimedia. By leveraging their CAD data for computer-generated images (CGI), these manufacturers are beginning to obsolete prototype car photo shoots done to produce images for new product brochures. In doing so, auto manufacturers hope to create new product collateral concurrently with the building of new vehicles and cut the high costs required to build and shuttle these prototypes car props and camera crews to exotic locales.

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Right Hemisphere is the leading provider of Product Graphics Management (PGM) software. PGM is a new category of enterprise software that integrates, automates, and manages 2D and 3D product graphics across the extended enterprise. Five of the top six automotive OEMs, nine of the top 10 aerospace and defense contractors, and hundreds more customers use Right Hemisphere software to streamline publishing of technical publications, interactive training, marketing communications, engineering collaboration documents, and more. Right Hemisphere accelerates time to market for new products and product support offerings, increases revenue and competitive advantage, and reduces product lifecycle costs. Founded in 1997, Right Hemisphere is a privately held, venture-funded corporation based in Silicon Valley and Auckland, New Zealand. For more information please visit or call toll free at (877) 309-3204.

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(1) Source: Defense News Top 100 2004

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