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Ringdale, Inc.

August 22, 2012 12:30 ET

Ringdale ActiveLED Lighting Fixtures Gives Cities, Communities and Farms an Effective and Energy-Efficient Solution to Light Pollution

Portfolio of Exterior Lighting Designed to Enhance Night Skies and Eliminate Light Spill While Complying With Model Light Ordinances

GEORGETOWN, TX--(Marketwire - Aug 22, 2012) - Ringdale, Inc., innovator of solid state technology and manufacturer of commercial LED lighting fixtures, today announced the availability of ActiveLED® industrial-grade fixtures that protect night skies via built-in intelligence and controls to deliver light to the task and maximize energy savings. ActiveLED's intentional design and control of light delivery allows cities, communities, and farm owners to properly illuminate areas or emphasize landscaping and architecture without the traditional light spill or compromise to performance or safety.

"Buyers have long seen night sky preservation as important; however, the concern that features such as lumens delivered, efficiency, durability, or selection could be compromised often led to the purchase of fixtures that do not support night skies," remarked Klaus Bollmann, President and CEO of Ringdale. "Through our specific design to deliver more light to the task whereby reducing wasted energy, ActiveLED fixtures have always been naturally suited to support night sky initiatives and comply to lighting ordinances. ActiveLED is the uncompromised solution."

Summer 2011, the International Dark Sky Association and the Illumination Engineering Society (IES) released the Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO), an outdoor lighting template designed to help municipalities develop outdoor lighting standards that reduce glare, light trespass, and skyglow. With Ringdale's patented design, ActiveLED lighting is a natural choice for buyers seeking an energy-efficient lighting solution that meets night sky lighting ordinance. 

ActiveLED deploys numerous measures for night sky preservation:

  • Ringdale's LightSpace™ and ActiveBMS® Electrical Device Management System can manage outdoor and indoor lights, conventional, or ActiveLED Fixtures providing all of the control functionality outlined in the MLO.
  • ActiveLED fixtures are programmable to deliver light to a specified task area. This task area can be specified by degrees. Shields are not necessary with ActiveLED as light is specifically directed utilizing 100% of the lumens for maximized efficiency.
  • ActiveLED light fixtures are fully in-situ programmable and can provide any and all such capabilities today. Ringdale power units are also fully DC or AC capable and can use battery packs for either emergency use or storage for load shift.
  • Ringdale makes a range of ActiveLED Solar Lights that require only a Solar panel and a battery to be fully operational.

Ringdale produces over 70 application specific ActiveLED light fixtures for categories such as Street Lighting, Ornamental Retrofits, General Office Lighting, Cold Storage Facilities, Covered Parking, Open Parking, Landscape and Accent Lighting. ActiveLED fixtures are currently the most energy-efficient lights in each of their classes and therefore a cornerstone of compliance to the MLO.

Ringdale's ActiveLED products are available through or direct sales force or through Ringdale's network of resellers.

For more information on ActiveLED Lighting, contact Ringdale in the United States at 512-288-9080 or in the United Kingdom at +44-1444-871-349.

About Ringdale and ActiveLED

Ringdale focuses on helping organizations incorporate green savings into their business environments. Ringdale provides ActiveLED® luminaires with patented, solid-state lighting control and thermal management technology among other energy and resource saving solutions. Ringdale, Inc. is based in the United States with offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and Singapore and is part of the Network Technology PLC Group of Companies.
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