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March 21, 2007 16:17 ET

RioRey Perimeter Defense Platforms

Second Generation DDOS Protection RX Series to Debut at Data Center World

BETHESDA, MD -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 21, 2007 -- RioRey will launch its second-generation DDOS protection platform at the Data Center World conference held in Las Vegas on March 27-28, 2007. This new platform, the RX series, uses RioRey's field-proven DDOS algorithm currently deployed in the NI series of products, adding enhanced throughput performance and system availability to make the RX the most advanced DDOS protection platform available in the market today. The RX series addresses the needs of widely divergent and demanding applications, including high reliability financial transactions and high performance, real-time on-line games.

NI series deployments have confirmed the effectiveness of our proprietary DDOS algorithm. In a recent case study, a major web service provider installed four RioRey NI2000 series platforms on four gigabit Ethernet links. This service provider hosts over 10,000 websites, mail servers, on-line games, IRC servers and Internet radio broadcasters. In the first 15 days of this real life deployment, the RioRey DDOS detection algorithm produced the following results:

--  35 attacks aimed at over 20 servers were successfully identified.
    These attacks ranged from TCP SYN attacks generated by attack bots like
    Trinoo to UDP resource consumption attacks and ICMP packet floods designed
    to overwhelm the ingress routers on these links.
--  Most attacks ranged in intensity from 13,000 to 80,000 packets per
    second and lasted less than 5 minutes.
--  One UDP attack simultaneously arrived on two of the four links, had a
    combined rate of over 230,000 packets per second and lasted over 21
--  The NI correctly identified as attack traffic port scans that are
    launched by commercial services as a way of testing web server
--  The NI successfully handled all 35 attacks while forwarding normal
    traffic through the network.
--  The NI exhibited excellent false positive performance.  Only 0.0054%
    of the total traffic was incorrectly identified as attacks.
--  The NI performed all of the above without requiring any training or
    operator intervention.
Both the RX and NI series can screen encrypted traffic without the need for decryption. This feature makes the RX suitable for e-commerce, banking and other business applications where secure data encryption is critical. The RX series will be available for shipment in April 2007. Three configurations are offered: RX2000 with uni-directional and bi-directional DDOS protection, and the high performance RX3000 with uni-directional DDOS protection.

RioRey continues the sales and development of the NI series as a lower-cost alternative for many standard applications.

About RioRey: RioRey, Inc. designs and manufactures Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) protection equipment for clients ranging from data centers to universities. For more details on all RioRey products, please visit our website at or contact us at

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