SOURCE: RioRey, Inc.

August 09, 2007 23:10 ET

RioRey Security Bulletin

New Method of Denial of Service Attack Observed

BETHESDA, MD--(Marketwire - August 9, 2007) - RioRey, Inc., a company dedicated to research and solutions for Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, announces that over the last few days it has observed a new denial of service attack trend, where attackers use a single source IP address to cripple a server on the Internet, instead of the classical DDOS approach where tens of thousands of different IP addresses are used.

The use of single IP address attacks was widely used several years ago but has been replaced by distributed attacks in the recent years. The reemergence of this type of attack has caught many IT professionals off-guard, thinking that the attack is more complex than it actually is. RioRey recommends that network administrators examine any attack for both a possible single IP address attack as well as a DDOS attack. Identifying the attacking IP and then eliminating it from the routing table can easily mitigate these single IP address attacks.

The evolution of Internet attack methods indicates that Denial of Service is an increasing trend throughout the Internet's landscape and will be a prevalent security risk for years to come. Botnets are being developed and growing on a daily basis for future exploits by malicious users. The implementation of protective measures and awareness of new threats is the only way to combat this ever-increasing problem. Every company with a connection to the Internet is vulnerable to these attacks. The proper preventative tools are no longer just an option; they are a necessity.

About RioRey:

RioRey, Inc. designs and manufactures a family of products that identify and block ICMP, TCP and UDP-based packet traffic that has been sent across the Internet as a DDOS attack on public, private or government data networks.

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