August 18, 2008 01:00 ET

R.I.P. Kokanee Ranger

Kokanee Drinkers' Votes are Tallied, Revealing Ranger's Fate

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 18, 2008) - After an epic battle, the Live or Die fight between the Kokanee Ranger and his nemesis, Sasquatch has ended. Over 430,000 Canadians cast their ballot in the "Ranger Live or Die" campaign, and, after six years of dedicated service protecting Glacier Fresh Kokanee, Ranger's mountain lion-like strength, hawk eyes and lightning-quick reflexes were not enough to save him from his impending doom. The man with the famed moustache is no more.

Due to his current state of being deceased, Ranger was not available for comment. However, a goodbye letter was found, to be read "in the unlikely event that the unthinkable happens." In addition to thanking the "wonderful people out there who have shown (him) their support," because it has made him "feel like the most popular girl at the dance - but with a moustache," he also left some final thoughts. "The next time you open a glacier-fresh tasting Kokanee and it makes that 'psssht' sound think of me standing behind you saying 'psssht. Hey you. I'm standing right behind you'."

From the moment RangerLiveorDie.ca launched on March 24th, 2008, Ranger and Sasquatch gave it their all to win sympathy and votes across the country. Despite Ranger being an old school kinda guy, and Sasquatch having trouble typing with his giant paws, they both waged savvy online campaigns including Save the Kokanee Ranger and the Kill Off the Kokanee Ranger Facebook groups, engaging Kokanee drinkers to decide Ranger's fate.

Offline, fans waged a valiant voting battle, from campaign signs gracing lawns across the West, to hundreds applying to be Sasquatch's Campaign Manager, to voting urinal stations - yes that's right - the public fought to the very bitter end.

Nearing the end of the campaign, the Live or Die votes were down to the wire, and a desperate Ranger was forced to sell his worldly possessions to finance his campaign. The eBay auction of Kokanee-tastic goods including Ranger's sunglasses, hat, rally beard, stuffed squirrel and a Glacier Girl bikini, was wildly successful. The auction raised over $1,200 for The Nature Trust of British Columbia.

"The support from fans for the Ranger Live or Die campaign has been truly astounding," says Rich Fortin, National Marketing Manager, Kokanee. "The Ranger's time may have come to an end, but the protection of Glacier Fresh Kokanee is our top priority so stay tuned for exciting Kokanee news in the near future."

The Kokanee Ranger Live or Die campaign allowed Kokanee drinkers the chance to speak up about their beer, and they have spoken. For those who missed the finale or would like to reminisce about the Ranger visit www.rangerliveordie.ca to watch the epic 2.5 minute commercial. Rumour has it that the voting was so close that two endings were created. While on the site, keep your eyes open for a second Ranger sighting.

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