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May 04, 2011 01:00 ET

Rising Financial Pressures on School Make Modular Buildings the Perfect Solution

SHROPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 4, 2011) - Modular buildings could provide an affordable solution to schools struggling with difficult working conditions and dropping numbers of pupils in private schools.

Built Offsite are experts in constructing temporary and permanent buildings for multiple uses; including mobile classrooms, GP surgeries, health centres and student bedrooms. They have advised that if schools want to save money in these difficult financial times, yet provide a top rate environment for pupils, modular buildings could be the perfect solution.

Recently, it has been reported that the number of pupils at private schools have continued to fall for a second year running. Last year, figures dropped by 0.6%, while this year there has been a fall of 0.2%, which means student numbers have dropped by 786.

The numbers encompass children from nursery school age to 19, which are taken from 1228 day and boarding schools across the UK. Figures are taken from the Independent School Council (ISC) Census.

With average fees rising to over £13,000 a year following tough financial times, many parents are being forced to take their children out of these private schools, while private and comprehensive schools struggle to maintain and improve their schools following news that school funding is being pulled.

Therefore, another way of improving the school surroundings and allowing pupils the best opportunities to learn in a calm, relaxing and secure environment is through the installation of a modular building, which can be set up for however long they are required.

A spokesperson for Built Offsite, comments: 'Temporary and permanent modular buildings are simple to construct and can be as big or small as needed. We provide an expert service in building the perfect environment for all businesses and industries, from education through to health. No matter what type of company, we have years of experience in providing the relevant building solutions'.

If you think your company or institution could benefit from modular buildings, visit www.built-offsite.com.

About Built Offsite:

Built Offsite Ltd is a family owned and operated business, who specialise in designing and manufacturing temporary and permanent modular buildings. We provide Buildings for Education and Training including mobile classrooms, creches, nurseries and afterschool clubs. Our Buildings for Student Bedrooms offer temporary student accommodation or permanent bedroom complexes; and our Buildings for Healthcare provide permanent or decant healthcare facilities for use as doctor's surgeries, walk-in centres and hospital wards.

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